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Ensembl aims to provide a centralized resource for geneticists, molecular biologists and other researchers studying the genomes of our own species and other vertebrates and model organisms. Ensembl is one of several well known genome browsers for the ...

UCSC Genome Browser database

Genome assemblies and aligned annotations for a wide range of vertebrates and model organisms, along with an integrated tool set for visualizing, comparing, analyzing and sharing both publicly available and user-generated genomic datasets.

Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes

Medical Subject Headings is the National Library of Medicine - controlled vocabulary used for indexing articles for PubMed and other NLM databases.

The International Genome Sample Resource

The International Genome Sample Resource (IGSR) was established to ensure the ongoing usability of data generated by the 1000 Genomes Project and to extend the data set. The 1000 Genomes Project ran between 2008 and 2015, creating the largest public ...

Reactome - a curated knowledgebase of biological pathways

REACTOME is an open-source, open access, manually curated and peer-reviewed pathway database.


SILVA is a comprehensive, quality-controlled web resource for up-to-date aligned ribosomal RNA (rRNA) gene sequences from the Bacteria, Archaea and Eukaryota domains alongside supplementary online services. In addition to data products, SILVA provide ...

The European Genome-phenome Archive

The European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) allows you to explore datasets from genomic studies, provided by a range of data providers. Access to datasets must be approved by the specified Data Access Committee (DAC).

DisGeNET: a knowledge base for disease genomics

DisGeNET is a discovery platform containing one of the largest collections available of genes and variants involved in human diseases. DisGeNET integrates data from expert curated repositories, GWAS catalogues, animal models, and the scientific liter ...


The FAIRDOMHub is a publicly available resource build using the SEEK software, which enables collaborations within the scientific community. FAIRDOM will establish a support and service network for European Systems Biology. It will serve projects in ...


ArrayExpress is a database of functional genomics experiments that can be queried and the data downloaded. It includes gene expression data from microarray and high throughput sequencing studies. Data is collected to MIAME and MINSEQE standards. Expe ...

HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee

HGNC is responsible for approving unique symbols and names for human loci, including protein coding genes, ncRNA genes and pseudogenes, to allow unambiguous scientific communication.


BRENDA is the main collection of enzyme functional data available to the scientific community.

The Cancer Genome Atlas

The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) is a comprehensive, collaborative effort led by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to map the genomic changes associated with specific types of tumors to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. I ...

Human Protein Reference Database

The Human Protein Reference Database represents a centralized platform to visually depict and integrate information pertaining to domain architecture, post-translational modifications, interaction networks and disease association for each protein in ...

The Arabidopsis Information Resource

The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR) maintains a database of genetic and molecular biology data for the model higher plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Data available from TAIR includes the complete genome sequence along with gene structure, gene pro ...


Database of RNA interactions in post-transcriptional regulation.

Ensembl Genomes

The Ensembl genome annotation system, developed jointly by EMBL-EBI and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, has been used for the annotation, analysis and display of vertebrate genomes since 2000. Since 2009, the Ensembl site has been complemented b ...

GeneCards: human genes, protein and diseases

GeneCards is a searchable, integrated, database of human genes that provides concise genomic, transcriptomic, genetic, proteomic, functional and disease related information on all known and predicted human genes.

Metabolomics Workbench

The Metabolomics Workbench serves as a national and international repository for metabolomics data and metadata and provides analysis tools and access to metabolite standards, protocols, tutorials, training, and more.


EBI Metagenomics has changed its name to MGnify to reflect a change in scope. This is a free-to-use resource aiming at supporting all metagenomics researchers. The service is an automated pipeline for the analysis and archiving of metagenomic data th ...

Mass Spectrometry Virtual Interactive Environment

MassIVE is a community resource developed by the NIH-funded Center for Computational Mass Spectrometry to promote the global, free exchange of mass spectrometry data. MassIVE datasets can be assigned ProteomeXchange accessions to satisfy publication ...


Rhea is a comprehensive and non-redundant resource of expert-curated chemical and transport reactions of biological interest. Rhea can be used for enzyme annotation, genome-scale metabolic modeling and omics-related analysis. Rhea describes enzyme-ca ...

BiGG Models

BiGG Models is a knowledgebase of genome-scale metabolic network reconstructions. BiGG Models integrates more than 70 published genome-scale metabolic networks into a single database with a set of standardized identifiers called BiGG IDs.

Database of genomic structural VARiation

dbVar is a database of human genomic structural variation where users can search, view, and download data from submitted studies. dbVar stopped supporting data from non-human organisms in 2017, however existing non-human data remains available. In ke ...

PathosSystems Resource Integration Center Repository

PATRIC is part of the Bacterial Bioinformatics Resource Center, and is an information system designed to support the biomedical research community’s work on bacterial infectious diseases via integration of vital pathogen information with rich data an ...

MassBank Europe

MassBank is the first public repository of mass spectral data for sharing them among scientific research community. MassBank data are useful for the chemical identification and structure elucidation of chemical compounds detected by mass spectrometry ...

Ensembl Metazoa

Ensembl Metazoa provides access to genomes of metazoans of interest in disease, environmental sciences, agriculture and economic concern. Extensive coverage exists of diptera, nematodes, lepidoptera and hymenoptera.

Ensembl Protists

Ensembl Protists stores protist genomes of interest, covering those involved in disease and of scientific interest. This includes genomes such as Plasmodium falciparum, Dictyostelium discoideum, Phytophthora infestans and Leishmania major. A majority ...

Nucleic Acids Database

The Nucleic Acids Database contains information about experimentally-determined nucleic acids and complex assemblies. NDB can be used to perform searches based on annotations relating to sequence, structure and function, and to download, analyze, and ...

EcoCyc E. coli Database

EcoCyc is a model organism database for Escherichia coli K-12 MG1655. EcoCyc curation captures literature-based information on the functions of individual E. coli gene products, metabolic pathways, and regulation of E. coli gene expression. EcoCyc ha ...


CORUM is a database that provides a manually curated repository of experimentally characterized protein complexes from mammalian organisms, mainly human (64%), mouse (16%) and rat (12%). Each protein complex is described by a protein complex name, su ...

Microbial Genome Annotation & Analysis Platform

MicroScope is a web-based platform for microbial comparative genome analysis and manual functional annotation. Its relational database schema stores precalculated results of syntactic and functional annotation pipelines as well as Pathway Tools and m ...

arrayMap - Genomic Array Data for Cancer CNV Profiles

Part of the Progenetix project, the arrayMap database facilitates the study of the genetics of human cancer. The Progenetix project provides the data customisation and visualization tools to mine the available data. The arrayMap database is developed ...

IPD-IMGT/HLA - Human Leukocyte Antigen Sequence Database

The IPD-IMGT/HLA Database provides a specialist database for sequences of the human major histocompatibility complex (MHC) and includes the official sequences named by the WHO Nomenclature Committee For Factors of the HLA System. The IMGT/HLA Databas ...


HomoloGene is an automated system for the detection of homologs among the annotated genes of several completely sequenced eukaryotic genomes. HomoloGene takes protein sequences from differing species and compares them to one another (using blastp) an ...

European Hepatitis C Virus database

The euHCVdb is mainly oriented towards protein sequence, structure and function analyses and structural biology of Hepatitis C Virus.


BioPortal is a library of biomedical ontologies and terminologies developed in Web Ontology Language (OWL), Resource Description Framework (RDF)(S), Open Biological and Biomedical Ontologies (OBO) format, and Protégé frames and Rich Release Format. B ...

Ensembl Fungi

Ensembl Fungi is a browser for fungal genomes. A majority of these are taken from the databases of the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration (the European Nucleotide Archive at the EBI, GenBank at the NCBI, and the DNA Database of ...

Ensembl Bacteria

Ensembl Bacteria is a browser for bacterial and archaeal genomes. These are taken from the databases of the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration (the European Nucleotide Archive at the EBI, GenBank at the NCBI, and the DNA Databas ...

Progenetix - genomic copy number aberrations in cancer

The Progenetix database provides an overview of copy number abnormalities in human cancer from Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) experiments. With 30817 cases from 1016 publications (Oct 2013), Progenetix is the largest curated database for who ...

Protein Circular Dichroism Data Bank

The Protein Circular Dichroism Data Bank (PCDDB) is an open-access online repository for protein circular dichroism spectral- and meta-data. Users may freely extract and deposit validated data and the validation process is conveniently integrated int ...


The GenomeRNAi database collects RNAi phenotypes recorded in the literature for Homo sapiens and Drosophila melanogaster, as well as details on RNAi reagents. The data is well integrated with information from other resources, allowing comparison with ...

Genetic and Genomic Information System

GnpIS is a multispecies integrative information system dedicated to plant and fungi pests. It bridges genetic and genomic data, allowing researchers access to both genetic information (e.g. genetic maps, quantitative trait loci, association genetics, ...

Animal Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) Database

The Animal Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) Database (Animal QTLdb) strives to collect all publicly available trait mapping data, i.e. QTL (phenotype/expression, eQTL), candidate gene and association data (GWAS), and copy number variations (CNV) mapped ...

Termini-Oriented Protein Function INferred Database

The Termini-Oriented Protein Function INferred Database (TopFIND) is an integrated knowledgebase focused on protein termini, their formation by proteases and functional implications. It contains information about the processing and the processing sta ...

Ensembl Compara

Ensembl Compara provides cross-species resources and analyses, at both the sequence level and the gene level.

Ensembl Plants

Ensembl Plants holds the genomes of plants of significant interest. These range from those of agricultural importance, those which support primary research and of environmental interest. Ensembl Plants datasets are constructed in a direct collaborati ...

e-Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression

The e-Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression (EMAGE) is a freely available database of in situ gene expression patterns that allows users to perform online queries of mouse developmental gene expression. EMAGE is unique in providing both text-based descripti ...

Integrated relational Enzyme database

IntEnz is a freely available resource focused on enzyme nomenclature. IntEnz contains the recommendations of the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (NC-IUBMB) on the nomenclature and classification ...


ToxoDB is a free online resource that provides access to genomic and functional genomic data for Toxoplasma and related organisms. The resource contains over 30 fully sequenced and annotated genomes, with genomic sequence from multiple strains availa ...


ProtClustDB is a collection of related protein sequences (clusters) consisting of Reference Sequence proteins encoded by complete genomes. This database contains both curated and non-curated clusters.


AmoebaDB belongs to the EuPathDB family of databases and is an integrated genomic and functional genomic database for Entamoeba and Acanthamoeba parasites. In its first released, AmoebaDB contained the genomes of three Entamoeba species. AmoebaDB int ...

Toxin and Toxin Target Database

Toxin and Toxin Target Database (T3DB) is a bioinformatics resource that combines detailed toxin data with comprehensive toxin target information.

GenitoUrinary Development Molecular Anatomy Project

The GenitoUrinary Development Molecular Anatomy Project (GUDMAP) provides data and tools to facilitate research on the GenitoUrinary (GU) tract for the scientific and medical community. In addition to current GUDMAP data, this resource incorporates d ...


PTMCode is a resource of known and predicted functional associations between protein post-translational modifications (PTMs) within and between interacting proteins.

The human DEPhOsphorylation Database

DEPOD - the human DEPhOsphorylation Database is a manually curated database collecting human active and inactive phosphatases, their experimentally verified protein and non-protein substrates, and dephosphorylation site information, and pathways in w ...


The MalaCards human disease database (http://www. malacards.org/) is an integrated compendium of annotated diseases mined from 68 data sources. MalaCards has a web card for each of ∼20 000 disease entries, in six global categories. It portrays a broa ...

PROkariotIC Database Of Gene-Regulation

PRODORIC is a comprehensive database about gene regulation and gene expression in prokaryotes. It includes a manually curated and unique collection of transcription factor binding sites.


bio.tools is a registry of information about bioinformatics software and data services. It was created to help researchers in biological and biomedical science to find and use such resources.


HumanCyc is a bioinformatics database that describes human metabolic pathways and the human genome. By presenting metabolic pathways as an organizing framework for the human genome, HumanCyc provides the user with an extended dimension for functional ...

Database of Genomic Variants archive (DGVa)

The DGVa team accepts direct submissions from researchers and also curates data from the published literature. As part of a regular exchange, DGVa data is sent to its partner archive, dbVar (hosted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information ...

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals is a a database of inherited disorders, other (single-locus) traits, and genes in animal species (other than human and mouse).

Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre Seeds Database

The Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre (NASC) provides seed and information resources to the International Arabidopsis Genome Programme and the wider research community.


FlowRepository is a database of flow cytometry experiments where you can query and download data collected and annotated according to the MIFlowCyt standard. Data are generally associated with peer reviewed manuscripts.

VDJdb: a curated database of T-cell receptors with known antigen specificity

The primary goal of VDJdb is to facilitate access to existing information on T-cell receptor antigen specificities, i.e. the ability to recognize certain epitopes in certain MHC contexts. Our mission is to both aggregate the scarce TCR specificity in ...


ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq and DNase-Seq data for haematopoietic and embryonic stem cells

IPD - Immuno Polymorphism Database

The Immuno Polymorphism Database (IPD) is a set of specialist databases related to the study of polymorphic genes in the immune system. IPD currently consists of four databases: IPD-KIR, contains the allelic sequences of Killer-cell Immunoglobulin-li ...


This resource is a collection of all proteins identified to be localized on kinetochore, centrosome, midbody, telomere and spindle from two fungi (S. cerevisiae and S. pombe) and five animals, including C. elegans, D. melanogaster, X. laevis, M. musc ...


ViruSurf is a large public database of viral sequences and integrated and curated metadata from heterogeneous sources (RefSeq, GenBank, COG-UK and NMDC); it also exposes computed nucleotide and amino acid variants, called from original sequences. A G ...


TreeGenes is focused on connecting genomic, phenotypic, and environmental data for forest tree populations across the world. The database provides a custom informatics tools to manage the flood of information resulting from high-throughput genomics p ...

Interaction Reference Index Web Interface

iRefWeb is an interface to a relational database containing the latest build of the interaction Reference Index (iRefIndex) which integrates protein interaction data from ten different interaction databases: BioGRID, BIND, CORUM, DIP, HPRD, INTACT, M ...

DNA Modification Database

DNAmod is an open-source database (https://dnamod.hoffmanlab.org) that catalogues DNA modifications and provides a single source to learn about their properties. The database annotates the chemical properties and structures of all curated modified DN ...

Human Proteinpedia

Human Proteinpedia is a community portal for sharing and integration of human protein data. It allows research laboratories to contribute and maintain protein annotations.


Three-dimensional Electron Microscopy (3DEM) has become a key experimental method in structural biology for a broad spectrum of biological specimens from molecules to cells. The EMDataResource project provides a unified portal for deposition, retriev ...

Plant Genomics and Phenomics Research Data Repository

This repository provides several plant genomic and phenotypic datasets resulting from IPK and German Plant Phenotyping Network (DPPN) research activities. It was established in January 2015. The background of the study is in plant genetic resources, ...


DriverDB, a database that incorporates >9500 cancer-related RNA-seq datasets and >7000 more exome-seq datasets, in addition to annotation databases and published bioinformatics algorithms dedicated to driver gene/mutation identification. Seven additi ...


EchoBase is a database that curates new experimental and bioinformatic information about the genes and gene products of the model bacterium Escherichia coli K-12 strain MG1655.

NCBI Epigenomics

>>>!!! <<< The Epigenomics database was retired on June 1, 2016. All epigenomics data are available in our GEO resource https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/geo >>> !!! <<< The Epigenomics database provides genomics maps of stable and reprogrammable nucl ...


Large-scale genomic data for the peanut have only become available in the last few years, with the advent of low-cost sequencing technologies. To make the data accessible to researchers and to integrate across diverse types of data, the International ...


Biosynthetic gene cluster families

Coffee Genome Hub

Coffee community genomics, genetics and breeding data and analysis tools

SilkDB 3.0

SilkDB is a database of the integrated genome resource for the silkworm, Bombyx mori. This database provides access to not only genomic data including functional annotation of genes, gene products and chromosomal mapping, but also extensive biologica ...


Brings together Docker images with standardized, machine-readable ways of describing and running the tools contained within.

Standards for Reporting Enzymology Data Database

STRENDA DB is a storage and search platform supported by the Beilstein-Institut that incorporates the STRENDA Guidelines in a user-friendly, web-based system. If you are an author who is preparing a manuscript containing functional enzymology data, S ...


Datanator is an integrated database of genomic and biochemical data designed to help investigators find data about specific molecules and reactions in specific organisms and specific environments for meta-analyses and mechanistic models. Datanator cu ...

BioImage Informatics Index

BioImage Informatics Index (BIII) is a bioimaging resource that describes software tools, training materials and imaging datasets with the aim of helping researchers find, identify and propagate image analysis tools or workflows. BIII aims to help bi ...


GenoSurf is a metadata driven semantic search system for integrated genomic datasets. Many valuable resources developed by worldwide research institutions and consortia describe genomic datasets that are open, but their metadata search interfaces ar ...


Leishmania Inhibitor Database


A Protein Data Bank extension database of pKa and pI theoretical values


Cov19VaxKB: COVID-19 Vaccine Knowledge Base.


Gene expression regulation database curated by mining abstracts from literature. Gene Expression Regulation Database. Gene Expression Regulation Database (GREDB) has been developed to facilitate systems-level analyses that will provide insights int ...


Protocol for using NoBadWordsCombiner to merge and minimize "bad words" from BLAST hits against multiple eukaryotic gene annotation databases.

The European Bioinformatics Institute Tools

Data resources at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI, https://www.ebi.ac.uk/) archive, organize and provide added-value analysis of research data produced around the world. This year's update for EMBL-EBI focuses on data exchanges among ...


Biomedical data repositories such as the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) enable the search and discovery of relevant biomedical digital data objects. Similarly, resources such as OMICtools index bioinformatics tools that can extract knowledge from thes ...


Genomics of fungal, oomycete and bacterial phytopathogens


Stemformatics is an established gene expression data portal containing over 420 public gene expression datasets derived from microarray, RNA sequencing and single cell profiling technologies. Developed for the stem cell community, it has a major focu ...

Ligand-Gated Ion Channel Database

The Ligand-Gated Ion Channel database provides access to information about transmembrane proteins that exist under different conformations, with three primary subfamilies: the cys-loop superfamily, the ATP gated channels superfamily, and the glutamat ...


Gene annotation portal and a resource on gene and protein function


MetabolomeXchange.org delivers the mechanisms needed for disseminating the data to the metabolomics community at large (both metabolomics researchers and databases). The main objective is to make it easier for metabolomics researchers to become aware ...

UCSD-Nature Signaling Gateway Molecule Pages

Expert-authored and peer-reviewed information on mammalian proteins involved in cellular signaling

Code Ocean

Code Ocean is a cloud-based computational reproducibility platform that provides researchers and developers an easy way to share, discover and run code published in academic journals and conferences. The platform provides open access to the published ...


Data portal for the processing, analyzing, sharing and disseminating of metagenomic data sets


The UniProtKB Sequence/Annotation Version database (UniSave) is a comprehensive archive of UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot a nd UniProtKB/TrEMBL entry versions. All changed Swiss-Prot and TrEMBL entries are loaded into the UniSave as part of the public UniProtK ...

Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform (CONP) Portal

The CONP portal is a web interface for the Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform (CONP) to facilitate open science in the neuroscience community. CONP simplifies global researcher access and sharing of datasets and tools. The portal internalizes the cy ...

Viral Bioinformatics Resource Center

Databases of viral genomic information (genes, gene families, and genomes), and software to perform comparative genomics analyses


This project aims at building an International Wheat Information System (WheatIS) to support the wheat research community. The main objective is to provide a single-access web based system to access to the available data resources and bioinformatics ...

Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre

<<<!!!<<< Genome data generated by BC Genome Sciences Centre is no longer available through this site as it is regularly deposited into controlled data repositories such as the European Genome Phenome Archive (EGA); ICGC (International Cancer Genome ...


A database for anti-cancer compounds with targets and side effect profiles.


BioInvestigation Index database enables storing and querying functionalities of experimental biological and biomedical metadata of Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry


ALSoD is a freely available database that has been transformed from a single gene storage facility recording mutations in the SOD1 gene to a multigene ALS bioinformatics repository and analytical instrument combining genotype, phenotype, and geograph ...

Complete Genomics

Complete Genomics provides free public access to a variety of whole human genome data sets generated from Complete Genomics’ sequencing service. The research community can explore and familiarize themselves with the quality of these data sets, review ...


A project that's aim is to translate the human proteome into molecular and digital tools for drug discovery, personalized medicine and life science research. It offers a repository of synthesized peptides and different tools for analyzing them.

NCBI Genome

The Genome database contains annotations and analysis of eukaryotic and prokaryotic genomes, as well as tools that allow users to compare genomes and gene sequences from humans, microbes, plants, viruses and organelles. Users can browse by organism, ...

Sugarcane Genome Hub

The Sugarcane Genome Hub is an integrated web-based database providing centralized access to the sugarcane reference genome sequences and genomic resources.


ACovPepDB is a comprehensive peptides database of anti-coronavirus peptides, which contains 518 enrties with 214 unique ACovPs manually extracted from research articles and public databases.


FRCD (Food Risk Component Database) is a comprehensive food risk component database with molecular scaffold, chemical diversity, toxicity, and biodegradability analysis.


This is a animal and human genome database that uses the BioMart software.

Plant DataDiscovery

The purpose of this web portal is to facilitate the discoverability of public data on plant biology managed by different laboratories across the world. The web portal indexes and makes findable any kind of plant data. Plant DataDiscovery is an imple ...


Long-read-tools is an interactive database of software tools for the analysis of long read sequencing data.


>>>!!!<<< OMICtools is no longer online >>>!!!<<< We founded OMICtools in 2012 with the vision to drive progress in life science. We wanted to empower life science practitioners all over the world to achieve breakthroughs by getting data to talk. W ...


database of pSILAC data – information about changes in mRNA levels and protein synthesis following microRNA misexpression in HeLa cells


The Erythron Database is a resource dedicated to facilitating better understanding of the cellular and molecular underpinnings of mammalian erythropoiesis. The resource is built upon a searchable database of gene expression in murine primitive and de ...

NCBI Third Party Annotation

TPA is a database that contains sequences built from the existing primary sequence data in GenBank. TPA records are retrieved through the Nucleotide Database and feature information on the sequence, how it was cataloged, and proper way to cite the se ...


<<<<!! The database is archived: https://web.archive.org/web/20071012173502/http://moltable.ncl.res.in/index.htm !!>>>> MolTable: An Open Access (Molecule Table) Portal for "Advanced Chemoinformatics Research, Training and Services"


The Plant Co-expression Annotation Resource, or plantannot in short, is a system developed to find proteins that have no annotation or function assigned (PUFs, or Proteins of Unknown Function) and could be related to molecular mechanisms regarding ab ...

LifeMap Discovery

LifeMap Discovery® is a compendium of embryonic development for stem cell research and regenerative medicine, constructed by integrating extensive molecular, cellular, anatomical and medical data curated from scientific literature and high-throughput ...


----<<<<< This repository is no longer available. This record is out dated >>>>>----- The aim of FlyReactome, based in the Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge, is to develop a curated repository for Drosophila melanogaster pathways ...

Top Down Proteomics Repository

This database will provide a central location for scientists to browse uniquely observed proteoforms and to contribute their own datasets. Top-down proteomics is a method of protein identification that uses an ion trapping mass spectrometer to store ...


RARe is a research infrastructure registered on the french national roadmap that brings together five networks of BRCs conserving genetic, genomic, and biological resources assembled and characterized by research on domestic animals, model or cultiva ...


ArkDB is a generic, species-independent database built to capture the state of published information on genome mapping in a given species. It stores details of references, markers and loci and genetic linkage and cytogenetic maps which can be drawn u ...


Unified Biological Dictionaries (UniBioDicts) is a set of software packages that unite many of the most important biological controlled vocabularies, database vocabularies, and ontologies, under a common query-interface. These packages can access the ...

NAGRP Blast Center

NAGRP Blast Center aggregates various sequence databases and makes them accessible via its website.

The Taenia solium Genome Project

>>>!!!<<< 2021-08; The repository is no longer available. >>>!!!<<< Archived page of Taenia solium genome project see https://web.archive.org/web/20160309194611/http://www.taeniasolium.unam.mx/taenia

Organelle Genome Megasequencing Program

The Organelle Genome Megasequencing Program (OGMP) provides mitochondrial, chloroplast, and mitochondrial plasmid genome data. OGMP tools allow direct comparison of OGMP and NCBI validated records. Includes GOBASE, a taxonomically broad organelle gen ...

The Global Proteome Machine

The Global Proteome Machine (GPM) is a protein identification database. This data repository allows users to post and compare results. GPM's data is provided by contributors like The Informatics Factory, University of Michigan, and Pacific Northweste ...


FAIDARE: FAIR Data-finder for Agronomic Research. The purpose of this portal is to facilitate the discoverability of public data on plant biology from a federation of established data repositories. It is based on the Breeding API (BrAPI) specificat ...

e!DAL - electronic Data Archive Library

!!! <<< this record is no longer maintained, please use https://www.re3data.org/repository/r3d100011876 or https://www.re3data.org/repository/r3d100011647 >>> !!!: e!DAL stands for electronic Data Archive Library. It is a lightweight open source soft ...

BIONDA - Biomarker Database

The BIONDA biomarker database provides structured information on all biomarker candidates published in PubMed articles. There is no limitation to any kind of diseases. To this end, PubMed article abstracts and renowned databases such as UniProt and H ...

The Adaptive Evolution Database

TAED is a database of phylogenetically indexed gene families. It contains multiple sequence alignments from MAFFT1, maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees from PhyML2, bootstrap values for each node, dN/dS ratios for each lineage from the free ratios ...


OpenWorm aims to build the first comprehensive computational model of the Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans), a microscopic roundworm. With only a thousand cells, it solves basic problems such as feeding, mate-finding and predator avoidance. Despite ...

Deutsches BioBanken-Register

<<<!!!<<< This product is in the archive and is no longer current. >>>!!!>>> Biobanks are a key prerequisite for modern medical research. By linking samples and clinical data they make it possible to clarify the causes and the course of diseases. Th ...

Barcode of Life Data Systems

The Barcode of Life Data Systems (BOLD) provides DNA barcode data. BOLD's online workbench supports data validation, annotation, and publication for specimen, distributional, and molecular data. The platform consists of four main modules: a data port ...

IPK Gatersleben

The Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research IPK Gatersleben, is a nonprofit research institution for crop genetics and molecular biology, and is part of the Leibniz Association. The mission of the IPK Gatersleben is to conduct basic and a ...


>>>!!!<<< caArray Retirement Announcement >>>!!!<<< The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (CBIIT) instance of the caArray database was retired on March 31st, 2015. All publicly-accessib ...


>>>!!<<<This is an archive of the old NEBC site from nebc.nerc.ac.uk and is no longer updated. For new information regarding NERC Environmental Omics and the Bio-Linux system please see the EOS site at http://environmentalomics.org. >>>!!!<<< ...

Cancer Genomics Hub

>>>>!!!!<<<< The Cancer Genomics Hub mission is now completed. The Cancer Genomics Hub was established in August 2011 to provide a repository to The Cancer Genome Atlas, the childhood cancer initiative Therapeutically Applicable Research to Generate ...

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