GenoSurf is a metadata driven semantic search system for integrated genomic datasets. Many valuable resources developed by worldwide research institutions and consortia describe genomic datasets that are open, but their metadata search interfaces are heterogeneous, not interoperable, and with limited capabilities. GenoSurf provides access to a consolidated collection of metadata attributes found in the most relevant genomic datasets; values of attributes are semantically enriched by making use of the most suited available ontologies. Users provide as input the search terms, set the desired level of ontological enrichment, and obtain as output the identity of matching data files at the various sources. We integrated about 40 million metadata of several major valuable data sources, including four providers of clinical and experimental data (TCGA, ENCODE, 1000 Genomes, and Roadmap Epigenomics) and two sources of annotation data (GENCODE and RefSeq).




ontology and terminology data management genomics human bioinformatics

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