Gene expression regulation database curated by mining abstracts from literature. Gene Expression Regulation Database. Gene Expression Regulation Database (GREDB) has been developed to facilitate systems-level analyses that will provide insights into the question of how genes are regulated that governing a specific biological response. GREDB is a publicly available, manually curated biological database depositing the human gene expression regulation relationships (Links). To date, more than 39,000 Links have been contextual-ly annotated through the review of 53,000 plus abstracts. GREDB has the ability to analyze user-supplied gene expression data using the GEREA bioinformatics tool in a causal analysis oriented manner. The database can be searched use NCBI official gene symbol (eg. CDC42). The new version of GereDB is online for testing, please visit the following link: Run New GereDB online. Huang, Tinghua & Huang, Xiali & Shi, Bomei & Yao, Min. (2019)




gene regulation data submission, annotation and curation natural language processing bioinformatics

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