Standards for Reporting Enzymology Data Database

Other names: STRENDA DB, Standards for Reporting Enzymology Data

STRENDA DB is a storage and search platform supported by the Beilstein-Institut that incorporates the STRENDA Guidelines in a user-friendly, web-based system. If you are an author who is preparing a manuscript containing functional enzymology data, STRENDA DB provides you the means to ensure that your data sets are complete and valid before you submit them as part of a publication to a journal. Data entered in the STRENDA DB submission form are automatically checked for compliance with the STRENDA Guidelines; users receive warnings informing them when necessary information is missing. A successful formal compliance is confirmed by the awarding of a STRENDA Registry Number (SRN) and documented in a fact sheet (PDF) containing all input data that can be submitted with the manuscript to the journal. In addition, each dataset is assigned a DOI that allows reference and tracking of the data. The data become publicly available in the database only after the corresponding article has been peer-reviewed and published in a journal.


Name: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)



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