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Ellarion Cybernetics

BiŌkeanós has been created at Ellarion Cybernetics from a need to navigate the vast, expanding world of biological datasources.

We are a small company providing data solutions at the intersection of software engineering, artificial intelligence and biomedical science.

Our experience in various capacities in bio- and health- tech sectors led us to believe that the incoming era of AI/ML exploration in medicine will depend heavily on the fast, reliable, and very flexible supply of data. We do not think it will be possible via any centralised, general-purpose platform any time soon, which is an approach that eventually grinds down under the burden of its promises in the context of exploration. We instead operate on the assumption that each new use requires dedicated craftsmanship and optimising for quick experimentation without sacrificing long-term maintenance.

When talking to our customers, BiŌkeanós enables us to identify the landscape they are in and recommend new data that can benefit them. Without it, we would need to manually search, collate and rank them over and over again. We now make it available to everybody hoping it may benefit their work and eventually, help their patients.


We are currently building a solution for managing biomedical data from acquisition to modelling, aimed at fast-paced biotech and medtech projects. Sound interesting?

Company details:
Ellarion Cybernetics Ltd
86-90 Paul Street London England EC2A 4NE
Company no.12165590 registered in England and Wales

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Do you have a challenging problem that could use our expertise? To find out more about what we can do for your organisation visit us at ellarion.com