Termini-Oriented Protein Function INferred Database

Other names: TopFIND, Termini oriented protein Function Inferred Database, topfind

The Termini-Oriented Protein Function INferred Database (TopFIND) is an integrated knowledgebase focused on protein termini, their formation by proteases and functional implications. It contains information about the processing and the processing state of proteins and functional implications thereof derived from research literature, contributions by the scientific community and biological databases.


Name: TopFIND Data Policies and Disclaimer
URL: https://topfind.clip.msl.ubc.ca/documentations/license



alternative splicing c-terminal amino acid residue evidence molecular interaction n-terminal amino acid residue network model protease cleavage protease site protein c-terminus binding protein n-terminus binding protein domain protein modification proteolytic digest protocol sequence annotation translation initiation polypeptide region protein sequence protein family bioinformatics polypeptide chain protease proteins proteomics protein modifications protein folds and structural domains protein binding sites

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