Other names: Genetic and genomic data to enable more rapid crop improvement in peanut

Large-scale genomic data for the peanut have only become available in the last few years, with the advent of low-cost sequencing technologies. To make the data accessible to researchers and to integrate across diverse types of data, the International Peanut Genomics Consortium funded the development of PeanutBase. This database provides access to genetic maps and markers, locations of quantitative trait loci (QTLs), genome sequences, gene locations and sequences, gene families and correspondences with genes in other species, and descriptions of traits and growth characteristics. It also provides tools for exploration and analysis, including sequence of genomic and genic sequences, and keyword searches of genes, gene families, and QTL studies. These resources should facilitate breeding advancements in peanut, helping improve crop productivity and there are a variety of resources for peanut research around the web, ranging from tools for basic plant biology to information for growers and various sectors of the peanut industry to resources for plant breeders.


Name: Fort Lauderdale Principles



genetic map genetic marker phenotype quantitative trait loci arachis arachis durenensis arachis hypogea arachis ipaensis bioinformatics disease resistance genetics genomics germplasm groundnut plant breeding ploidy

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