The International Genome Sample Resource

Other names: IGSR, 1000 Genomes, IGSR - International Genome Sample Resource, Thousand Genomes, 1000Genomes, 1000genomes

The International Genome Sample Resource (IGSR) was established to ensure the ongoing usability of data generated by the 1000 Genomes Project and to extend the data set. The 1000 Genomes Project ran between 2008 and 2015, creating the largest public catalogue of human variation and genotype data. As the project ended, the Data Coordination Centre at EMBL-EBI has received continued funding from the Wellcome Trust to maintain and expand the resource. IGSR was set up to do this and has the following aims: ensure the future access to and usability of the 1000 Genomes reference data; incorporate additional published genomic data on the 1000 Genomes samples; and expand the data collection to include new populations not represented in the 1000 Genomes Project.


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