Other names: DriverDBv3

DriverDB, a database that incorporates >9500 cancer-related RNA-seq datasets and >7000 more exome-seq datasets, in addition to annotation databases and published bioinformatics algorithms dedicated to driver gene/mutation identification. Seven additional computational algorithms (meaning that the updated database contains 15 in total), which were developed for driver gene identification, are incorporated into our analysis pipeline, and the results are provided in the 'Cancer' section. Furthermore, there are two main new features, 'Expression' and 'Hotspot', in the 'Gene' section. 'Expression' displays two expression profiles of a gene in terms of sample types and mutation types, respectively. 'Hotspot' indicates the hotspot mutation regions of a gene according to the results provided by four bioinformatics tools. A new function, 'Gene Set', allows users to investigate the relationships among mutations, expression levels and clinical data for a set of genes, a specific dataset and clinical features.




human genes and diseases cancer-related genes functional, regulatory and non-coding rna oncology genetic variation epigenomics bioinformatics

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