Other names: A searchable index to environmental 'omic' datasets., EnvBase data catalogue

>>>!!<<<This is an archive of the old NEBC site from nebc.nerc.ac.uk and is no longer updated. For new information regarding NERC Environmental Omics and the Bio-Linux system please see the EOS site at http://environmentalomics.org. >>>!!!<<< Ongoing NEBC activities, including the development of Bio-Linux, are being moved into the new EOS programme http://environmentalomics.org/portfolio/big-data-infrastructure/ . Once the current material from this website has been moved into EOS, this NEBC site will remain on-line as an archive. EnvBase is the searchable index to the data deposited through the NEBC, as well as related NERC experimental data. At present this is chiefly from the grants funded by the NERC Environmental Genomics Science Programme and the subsequent Post-genomics and Proteomics Science Programme, but more data from ongoing projects continues to be added


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URL: http://nebc.nerc.ac.uk/nebc_website_frozen/nebc.nerc.ac.uk//data/nebc-data-policy/nebc-policy.html


bioinformatics genomics post-genomics proteomics

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