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The miRBase database is a searchable database of published miRNA sequences and annotation. Each entry in miRBase represents a predicted hairpin portion of a miRNA transcript (termed mir in the database), with information on the location and sequence ...


Database of RNA interactions in post-transcriptional regulation.

Xenopus laevis and tropicalis biology and genomics resource

Xenbase is the model organism database for Xenopus laevis and X. (Silurana) tropicalis which was created to improve knowledge of developmental and disease processes. Through curation and automated data provisioning from various sources, Xenbase aims ...


DIANA-TarBase is a reference database that indexes experimentally-supported microRNA (miRNA) targets. It integrates information on cell-type specific miRNA–gene regulation and includes miRNA-binding locations. The target data provided by DIANA-TarBas ...

Functional ANnoTation Of the Mammalian genome Database

FANTOM (Functional ANnoTation Of the Mammalian genome) is a worldwide collaborative project aiming at identifying all functional elements in mammalian genomes.

FlyAtlas 2

FlyAtlas 2 is the RNA-Seq successor to the original FlyAtlas (which was based on microarray analysis). Specifically, FlyAtlas 2 now provides access to: transcript information, sex-specific data for adult somatic tissues, and micro-RNA genes. FlyAtlas ...


A database of exosomes, membrane vesicles of endocytic origin released by diverse cell types.


As a database, miRTarBase has accumulated more than fifty thousand miRNA-target interactions (MTIs), which are collected by manually surveying pertinent literature after data mining of the text systematically to filter research articles related to fu ...

Animal Transcription Factor Database

AnimalTFDB is a comprehensive animal transcription factor database. The resource is classification of transcription factors from 50 genomes from species including Homo sapiens and Caenorhabditis elegans. The database also has information on co-transc ...

Polymorphism in microRNAs and their TargetSites

PolymiRTS (Polymorphism in microRNAs and their TargetSites) is a database of naturally occurring DNA variations in microRNA (miRNA) seed regions and miRNA target sites. MicroRNAs pair to the transcripts of protein-coding genes and cause translational ...


SignaLink is an integrated resource to analyze signaling pathway cross-talks, transcription factors, miRNAs and regulatory enzymes. it allows browsing of signaling pathways, cross-talks and multi-pathway proteins; selection of transcriptional, post- ...


MirGeneDB is a database of microRNA genes that have been validated and annotated as described in "A Uniform System for the Annotation of Vertebrate microRNA Genes and the Evolution of the Human microRNAome".* The initial version contained 1,434 micro ...

Pancreatic Expression database

The Pancreatic Expression Database (PED) is a repository for pancreatic-derived -omics data. With a generic web-based system, the database provides the research community with an open access tool to mine currently available pancreatic cancer experime ...


LncBook is a curated knowledgebase of human lncRNAs that features a comprehensive collection of human lncRNAs and systematic curation of lncRNAs by multi-omics data integration, functional annotation and disease association. It integrates multi-omics ...


TargetMine integrates many types of data for human, rat and mouse. Flexible queries, export of results and data analysis are available.

Network of Cancer Genes

The Network of Cancer Genes (NCG) contains information on duplicability, evolution, protein-protein and microRNA-gene interaction, function, expression and essentiality of cancer genes from manually curated publications . NCG also provides informatio ...


miRNEST is an integrative collection of animal, plant and virus microRNA data. miRNEST is being gradually developed to create an integrative resource of miRNA-associated data. The data comes from our computational predictions (new miRNAs, targets, mi ...

Tomato Functional Genomics Database

The Tomato Functional Genomics Database integrates several prior databases including the Tomato Expression Database and Tomato Metabolite Database, and the Tomato Small RNA Database.


mirEX2 is a comprehensive platform for comparative analysis of primary microRNA expression data. RT–qPCR-based gene expression profiles are stored in a universal and expandable database scheme and wrapped by an intuitive user-friendly interface.

miRandola: extracellular circulating RNAs database

The miRandola database is the first resource for extracellular circulating RNAs. The first version of the database has been published on Plos One in 2012. It mainly contains information on circulating microRNAs and other non-coding RNAs. It is manual ...

Ontology for MicroRNA Target

The purpose of the OMIT ontology is to establish data exchange standards and common data elements in the microRNA (miR) domain. Biologists (cell biologists in particular) and bioinformaticians can make use of OMIT to leverage emerging semantic techno ...

Soybean Knowledge Base

Soybean Knowledge Base (SoyKB), is a comprehensive all-inclusive web resource developed for soybean translational genomics and molecular breeding. SoyKB stores information about genes/proteins, miRNAs/sRNAs, metabolites, SNPs, plant introduction (PI ...


miRwayDB provides information on experimentally validated microRNA-pathway associations for pathophysiological conditions. Information includes disease condition, associated microRNAs, experimental sample types, regulation pattern (up/down), and path ...

Editome Disease Knowledgebase

The Editome Disease Knowledgebase (EDK) is an integrated knowledgebase of RNA editome-disease associations manually curated from published literature. It stores information on RNA editing events in mRNA, miRNA, lncRNA, viruses and RNA editing enzymes ...


Chickspress is a gene expression database for chicken tissues. Chickspress incorporates both NCBI and Ensembl gene models and links these gene sets with experimental gene expression data and QTL information. By linking gene models from both NCBI and ...


Define a GFF3 format for output of small RNA pipelines. Here, we present a community based, open source project to work toward the standardization of miRNA pipelines and encourage the development of downstream tools for visualization, differential ex ...

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