miRandola: extracellular circulating RNAs database

Other names: miRandola

The miRandola database is the first resource for extracellular circulating RNAs. The first version of the database has been published on Plos One in 2012. It mainly contains information on circulating microRNAs and other non-coding RNAs. It is manually curated and constantly updated by the authors (usually once a year). We have extracted data from PubMed papers and Exocarta (a database that collects data regarding exosomes). We report information on methods of RNA extraction and qualification, diseases, experimental description, expression data and the potential biomarker role. We are updating the database with other RNAs and the future direction is to have a portal for all the non invasive biomarkers such as cell free DNA and circulating tumor cells.




biomarker cancer cardiovascular disease circulating cell-free rna extracellular exosome long non-coding ribonucleic acid micro rna non-coding rna vesicle

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