Other names: SoyBase and the Soybean Breeder's Toolbox, soybase

SoyBase, the USDA-ARS soybean genetic database, is a comprehensive repository for professionally curated genetics, genomics and related data resources for soybean. SoyBase contains genetic, physical and genomic sequence maps integrated with qualitative and quantitative traits. The quantitative trait loci (QTL) represent more than 18 years of QTL mapping of more than 90 unique traits. SoyBase also contains the well-annotated 'Williams 82' genomic sequence and associated data mining tools. The genetic and sequence views of the soybean chromosomes and the extensive data on traits and phenotypes are extensively interlinked. This allows entry to the database using almost any kind of available information, such as genetic map symbols, soybean gene names or phenotypic traits. SoyBase is the repository for controlled vocabularies for soybean growth, development and trait terms, which are also linked to the more general plant ontologies.


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computational predictions dna differential gene expression analysis genome phenotype protein quantitative trait loci single nucleotide polymorphism transposable element plant other plants php (computer program language) genetics genomics legumes sequences soybean mapping genotype and phenotype plant biology quantitative genetics

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