GrainGenes, a Database for Triticeae and Avena

Other names: GrainGenes, graingenes

The GrainGenes website hosts a wealth of information for researchers working on Triticeae species, oat and their wild relatives. The website hosts a database encompassing information such as genetic maps, genes, alleles, genetic markers, phenotypic data, quantitative trait loci studies, experimental protocols and publications. The database can be queried by text searches, browsing, Boolean queries, MySQL commands, or by using pre-made queries created by the curators. GrainGenes is not solely a database, but serves as an informative site for researchers and a means to communicate project aims, outcomes and a forum for discussion.




allele dna genetic map polymorphism genome map physical map protocol publication quantitative trait loci plant plant plant biology mapping gwas study genotype and phenotype zoology

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