Current gene co-expression databases do not support cell-specific analysis because the gene expression matrices for co-expression analysis are from multiple tissues or a mix of cells and tissues. The overall correlation in gene expression identified in these databases does not necessarily indicate that the genes coexist or correlate in the same cell type. Thus, correlation analysis within the same cell type no doubt provides more accurate and reliable results to guide experiments. Moreover, gene co-expression and expression correlation are subtly different phenomena, although both are likely to be functionally significant.ImmuCo is a cell-specific database that contains information about gene co-expression in immune cells, identifying co-expression and correlation between any two genes from 20 283 human genes or 20 963 mouse genes. The strength of co-expression of queried genes is indicated by signal values and detection calls, whereas expression correlation and strength are reflected by Pearson correlation coefficients. A scatter plot of the signal values is provided to directly illustrate the extent of co-expression and correlation. In addition, the database allows the analysis of cell-specific gene expression profile across multiple experimental conditions and can generate a list of genes that are highly correlated with the queried genes.




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