IARC TP53 Database

The IARC TP53 database is a public web-based resource for the analysis and interpretation of the biological and clinical impacts of TP53 gene variations in human cancers (http://www-p53.iarc.fr/). It contains data that are compiled from the peer-reviewed scientific literature or generalist databases. It includes annotations on predicted or experimentally assessed functional and structural impacts of mutations, as well as on tumor pathology and patient demographics and life-styles.There are five integrated datasets (somatic mutations, germline mutations, polymorphisms, biological activities of mutant proteins, mouse-models) that can be fully downloaded. The database can be search through an interactive web interface that allows for the selection, analysis and download of specific sets of data according to user’s query. The web site also provides a comprehensive user guide, a slide-show on TP53 mutations in human cancer, protocols and references for sequencing the TP53 gene, and links to relevant publications and entries to other related cancer databases.With over 25,000 somatic and 500 germline mutations and 2,000 citations in the world literature, this database is recognized as a major source of information on TP53 mutation patterns in human cancer. The database is meant to be a resource for a broad range of scientists and clinicians who work in different research areas: (1) basic research, to study the structural and functional aspects of the p53 protein; (2) molecular pathology of cancer, to understand the clinical significance of mutations identified in cancer patients; (3) molecular epidemiology of cancer, to investigate links between specific exposures and mutation patterns and to make inferences about possible causes of cancer; (4) molecular genetics, to study genotype/phenotype associations.




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