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The Entrez Global Query Cross-Database Search System is a federated search engine, or web portal that allows users to search many discrete health sciences databases at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website. Entrez can effic ...

Functional ANnoTation Of the Mammalian genome Database

FANTOM (Functional ANnoTation Of the Mammalian genome) is a worldwide collaborative project aiming at identifying all functional elements in mammalian genomes.

Sol Genomics Network

The Sol Genomics Network (SGN) is a database and website dedicated to the genomic information of the Solanaceae family, which includes species such as tomato, potato, pepper, petunia and eggplant.

DatabasE of genomiC varIation and Phenotype in Humans using Ensembl Resources

DECIPHER (Database of Chromosomal Imbalance and Phenotype in Humans Using Ensembl Resources) is an interactive web-based resource that incorporates a suite of tools designed to aid the interpretation of submicroscopic chromosomal imbalance, inversion ...


HomoloGene is an automated system for the detection of homologs among the annotated genes of several completely sequenced eukaryotic genomes. HomoloGene takes protein sequences from differing species and compares them to one another (using blastp) an ...

Animal Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) Database

The Animal Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) Database (Animal QTLdb) strives to collect all publicly available trait mapping data, i.e. QTL (phenotype/expression, eQTL), candidate gene and association data (GWAS), and copy number variations (CNV) mapped ...

Rice Genome Annotation Project

This website provides genome sequence from the Nipponbare subspecies of rice and annotation of the 12 rice chromosomes. These data are available through search pages and the Genome Browser that provides an integrated display of annotation data.


A detailed study of Giardia lamblia's genome will provide insights into an early evolutionary stage of eukaryotic chromosome organization as well as other aspects of the prokaryotic / eukaryotic divergence.

The Vertebrate Genome Annotation Database

The Vertebrate Genome Annotation (VEGA) database is a central repository for high quality manual annotation of vertebrate finished genome sequence.

A Systematic Annotation Package

ASAP is a relational database and web interface developed to store, update and distribute genome sequence data and gene expression data. It was designed to facilitate ongoing community annotation of genomes and to grow with genome projects as they mo ...

The Chromosome 7 Annotation Project

The objective of this project is to generate the most comprehensive description of human chromosome 7 to facilitate biological discovery, disease gene research and medical genetic applications.

4DNucleome Data Portal

The 4D Nucleome Data Portal (4DN) hosts data generated by the 4DN Network and other reference nucleomics data sets, and an expanding tool set for open data processing and visualization. It is a platform to search, visualize, and download nucleomics d ...


BacMap is a picture atlas of annotated bacterial genomes. It is an interactive visual database containing hundreds of fully labeled, zoomable, and searchable maps of bacterial genomes.


This resource is a collection of all proteins identified to be localized on kinetochore, centrosome, midbody, telomere and spindle from two fungi (S. cerevisiae and S. pombe) and five animals, including C. elegans, D. melanogaster, X. laevis, M. musc ...

Allele frequency resource for research and teaching

ALFRED is designed to make allele frequency data on human population samples readily available for use by the scientific and educational communities.

Pairs file format

A standard text format for pairs of genomic loci given as 1bp point positions, applicable to chromosome conformation experiments. Pairs files are produced as intermediate files in most Hi-C analysis pipelines and can be indexed and queried by the Pai ...

Cooler file format

Cooler is a file format that implements genomically-labeled sparse 2D arrays (matrices) with identical axes in HDF5. It is also the name of the Python package that supports the format. Cooler was designed for the storage and manipulation of extremely ...


Variant information file accompanying a .ped text pedigree + genotype table.


Extended variant information file accompanying a .bed binary genotype table.

PhenoGen Informatics

The PhenoGen website shares experimental data with a worldwide community of investigators and provides a flexible, integrated, multi-resolution repository of neuroscience transcriptomic genetic data for collaborative research on genomic disorders.

Cotton Functional Genomics Database

Cotton Functional Genomics Database (CottonFGD) integrates with modern genomic/transcriptomic data and earch/analysis/visualization modules. It aims at providing an easy, quick and visualized data analysis platform for cotton (Gossypium spp) research ...

The Cell Image Library

This library is a public and easily accessible resource database of images, videos, and animations of cells, capturing a wide diversity of organisms, cell types, and cellular processes. The Cell Image Library has been merged with "Cell Centered Datab ...

Minimum Information for Publication of PCR-based Telomere Length Measurement

The Minimum Information for Publication of PCR-based Telomere Length Measurement (MIPTL) was developed to reflect the current recommendations of the Telomere Research Network (TRN) for best practices of the measurement of telomere length in populatio ...

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