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Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes

KEGG is a database resource for understanding high-level functions and utilities of the biological system, such as the cell, the organism and the ecosystem, from molecular-level information, especially large-scale molecular datasets generated by geno ...

The International Genome Sample Resource

The International Genome Sample Resource (IGSR) was established to ensure the ongoing usability of data generated by the 1000 Genomes Project and to extend the data set. The 1000 Genomes Project ran between 2008 and 2015, creating the largest public ...


BRENDA is the main collection of enzyme functional data available to the scientific community.

Protein Data Bank in Europe

The Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe) is the European resource for the collection, organisation and dissemination of data on biological macromolecular structures. It is a founding member of the worldwide Protein Data Bank which collects, organises a ...

Pathway Commons

Pathway Commons is a convenient point of access to biological pathway information collected from public pathway databases. Information is sourced from public pathway databases and is readily searched, visualized, and downloaded. The data is freely av ...

BiGG Models

BiGG is a freely compendium of published genome-scale metabolic networks, combined into a single database. NCBI genome annotations are used to map genes, and metabolites are linked to many external databases such as KEGG, PubChem as well as others..


The LIPID MAPS Lipid Classification System is comprised of eight lipid categories, each with its own subclassification hierarchy. All lipids in the LIPID MAPS Structure Database (LMSD) have been classified using this system and have been assigned LIP ...

SABIO-RK Biochemical Reaction Kinetics Database

SABIO-RK is a database for biochemical reactions, their kinetic equations with their parameters, and the experimental conditions under which these parameters were measured.

Integrated relational Enzyme database

IntEnz is a freely available resource focused on enzyme nomenclature. IntEnz contains the recommendations of the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (NC-IUBMB) on the nomenclature and classification ...


MetaNetX/MNXref is a database for reconciliation of metabolites and biochemical reactions to bring together genome-scale metabolic networks. The tools developed at MetaNetX are useful for accessing, analysing and manipulating metabolic networks. Meta ...


IMGT/PRIMER-DB is the IMGT® oligonucleotide (primer) database for the immunoglobulins (IG) and T cell receptors (TR). The IG and TR primers are useful for combinatorial library constructions, antibody single chain Fragment variable (scFv), phage dis ...

Toxin and Toxin Target Database

Toxin and Toxin Target Database (T3DB) is a bioinformatics resource that combines detailed toxin data with comprehensive toxin target information.

Escherichia coli strain K12 genome database

The EcoGene database contains updated information about the E. coli K-12 genome and proteome sequences, including extensive gene bibliographies. A major EcoGene focus has been the re-evaluation of translation start sites.


MetalPDB is a resource aimed at conveying the information available on the three-dimensional structures of metal-binding biological macromolecules in a consistent and effective manner. This is achieved through the systematic and automated representat ...

Database of Genomic Variants archive (DGVa)

The DGVa team accepts direct submissions from researchers and also curates data from the published literature. As part of a regular exchange, DGVa data is sent to its partner archive, dbVar (hosted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information ...

US Department of Energy Systems Biology Knowledgebase

KBase is the first large-scale bioinformatics system that enables users to upload their own data, analyze it (along with collaborator and public data), build increasingly realistic models, and share and publish their workflows and conclusions. KBase ...


Polbase is an open and searchable database providing information from published and unpublished sources on the biochemical, genetic, and structural information of DNA polymerases.


Recode2 is a database of genes that utilize non-standard translation for gene expression purposes. Recoding events described in the database include programmed ribosomal frameshifting, translational bypassing (aka hopping) and mRNA specific codon red ...

The Benchmark Energy & Geometry Database

Benchmark CCSD(T)/ complete basis set limit calculations were collected into a database named BEGDB - Benchmark Energy and Geometry DataBase. The BEGDB collects results of highly accurate QM calculations of molecular structures, energies and properti ...


STRENDA DB is a storage and search platform supported by the Beilstein-Institut that incorporates the STRENDA Guidelines in a user-friendly, web-based system. If you are an author who is preparing a manuscript containing functional enzymology data, S ...


The RAMEDIS system is a platform independent, web-based information system for rare metabolic diseases based on filed case reports. It was developed in close cooperation with clinical partners to allow them to collect information on rare metabolic di ...

Yeast Resource Center Public Data Repository

The National Center for Research Resources' Yeast Resource Center is located at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. The mission of the center is to facilitate the identification and characterization of protein complexes in the yeast ...


Server designed as a scientific tool for researchers to visualize their phylogenetic, biochemical, and immunological HA data in the three-dimensional context of the HA structure, in the hopes that the context may help researchers better interpret the ...

PADS Arsenal

A database of prokaryotic defense systems related genes. Procaryotic Antiviral Defense System. procaryotic database, defense system database, pangenome database. PADS Arsenal A Database of Prokaryotic Defense Systems Related Genes.


A web application for new bioactive peptides from food protein

Galactosemia Proteins Database

It is a a joint ISA-CNR/UniSA project: a database in which information are collected and freely available about structural features of the enzymes involved in the galactose metabolism, i.e. galactose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase (GALT, E.C. 2.7.7. ...

MolMeDB: Molecules on Membranes Database

MolMeDB is an open chemistry database concerning the interaction of molecules with membranes.


A Crowd-Sourced, Natural Product Screening Library for Exploring Biological Space.

The B6 Database (B6DB)

A tool for the description and classification of vitamin B6-dependent enzymatic activities and of the corresponding protein families.


NetSlim is a resource of high-confidence signaling pathway maps derived from NetPath pathway reactions. 40-60% of the molecules and their reactions in NetPath pathways are available in NetSlim.


FooDB is the world’s largest and most comprehensive resource on food constituents, chemistry and biology. It provides information on both macronutrients and micronutrients, including many of the constituents that give foods their flavor, color, taste ...


Rapid development of cloud-native intelligent data pipelines for scientific data streams using the HASTE Toolkit. Client for the HASTE Storage Engine. Smart middleware for working with a variety of storage media with Scientific Computing datasets. ...


GOBASE is a taxonomically broad organelle genome database that organizes and integrates diverse data related to mitochondria and chloroplasts. GOBASE is currently expanding to include information on representative bacteria that are thought to be spec ...


Formerly known as mycoCLAP, CLAE is a curated database of Characterized Lignocellulose-Active Enzymes


The Plant Metabolic Network (PMN) provides a broad network of plant metabolic pathway databases that contain curated information from the literature and computational analyses about the genes, enzymes, compounds, reactions, and pathways involved in p ...

The Cell Image Library

This library is a public and easily accessible resource database of images, videos, and animations of cells, capturing a wide diversity of organisms, cell types, and cellular processes. The Cell Image Library has been merged with "Cell Centered Datab ...

Harvard Medical School, Library of Integrated Network-Based Cellular Signatures Database

The Database contains all publicly available HMS LINCS datasets and information for each dataset about experimental reagents (small molecule perturbagens, cells, antibodies, and proteins) and experimental and data analysis protocols.

COVID-19 Data Portal

The COVID-19 Data Portal was launched in April 2020 to bring together relevant datasets for sharing and analysis in an effort to accelerate coronavirus research. It enables researchers to upload, access and analyse COVID-19 related reference data and ...

Journal of Cell Biology

The JCB DataViewer is an image hosting and presentation platform for original image datasets associated with articles published in The Journal of Cell Biology, a peer-reviewed journal from the Rockefeller University Press.


MESBL GC-MS metabolite peak database is a standardized library of more than 900 metabolite peaks from MS-reconstructed gas chromatograms integrating the in-house standard compound and peak library of the FORTH/ICE-HT Metabolic Engineering and Systems ...


MassBank of North America (MoNA) is a metadata-centric, auto-curating repository designed for efficient storage and querying of mass spectral records. It intends to serve as a the framework for a centralized, collaborative database of metabolite mass ...

Organelle Genome Megasequencing Program

The Organelle Genome Megasequencing Program (OGMP) provides mitochondrial, chloroplast, and mitochondrial plasmid genome data. OGMP tools allow direct comparison of OGMP and NCBI validated records. Includes GOBASE, a taxonomically broad organelle gen ...


BE-FF (Base Editors Functional Finder) is a pythonic tool that identifies suitable base editors to repair a given single nucleotide variation (SNV). The web tool does not require any registration, installation or additional plugins. By inserting the ...


The World Wide Molecular Matrix (WWMM) is an electronic repository for unpublished chemical data. WWMM is an open collection of information of small molecules. The "Matrix" in WWMM is influenced by William Gibson's vision of a cyberinfrastructure whe ...

Complete Genomics

Complete Genomics provides free public access to a variety of whole human genome data sets generated from Complete Genomics’ sequencing service. The research community can explore and familiarize themselves with the quality of these data sets, review ...


mzCloud is an extensively curated database of high-resolution tandem mass spectra that are arranged into spectral trees. MS/MS and multi-stage MSn spectra were acquired at various collision energies, precursor m/z, and isolation widths using Collisio ...

Conservation Genome Resource Bank for Korean Wildlife

Genome resource samples of wild animals, particularly those of endangered mammalian and avian species, are very difficult to collect. In Korea, many of these animals such as tigers, leopards, bears, wolves, foxes, gorals, and river otters, are either ...

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