An extensive database for pan-species microsatellite investigation and marker development. A Django app for Pan-Species Microsatellite Database. Pan-Species Microsatellite Database. Microsatellites (simple repeat sequences, SSRs or short tandem repeats, STRs), are tandem repeats of short DNA motifs with length of 1-6 bp which have extensively been exploited as powerful genetic markers for diversity applications, and are involved in gene regulation as well as implicated in numerous genetic diseases even in cancers. PSMD was developed as a web-based comprehensive database comprising 678,106,741 perfect microsatellites and 43,848,943 compound microsatellites from 18,408 organisms covered almost all species with available genomic data. PSMD enables scientists to easily browse, filter, compare, download SSRs with relevant information


Name: MIT



dna polymorphism probes and primers data management agricultural science oncology

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