Immune Epitope Database

Other names: IEDB, Immune Epitope Database and Analysis Resource, iedb-v2

The IEDB provides the scientific community with a central repository of freely accessible epitope data and epitope prediction and analysis resources. The IEDB is a publicly accessible, comprehensive immune epitope database containing peptidic linear and conformational epitopes and non peptidic epitopes such as lipids, metals, drugs, carbohydrates, etc, with published or submitted antibody, T cell, MHC binding or MHC ligand elution experimental assays. Epitope data related to infectious diseases, allergy, autoimmunity and transplant tested in humans, non human primates, and any other species can be found in the IEDB.


Name: Public Domain

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antibody antigen computational predictions immunity infection literature curation major histocompatibility complex t cell immunology covid-19 allergenes alloantigenes autoimmune diseases immune epotopes immunology infectious diseases major histocompatibility complex mhc pathogens transplant allergy, clinical immunology and immunotherapeutics model organisms surgery infectious disease biomarkers

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