Ontology of Immune Epitopes

Other names: ONTIE

The Ontology of Immune Epitopes (ONTIE) is an effort to represent terms in the immunology domain in a formal ontology with the specific goal of representing experiments that identify and characterize immune epitopes. ONTIE has been developed as a subset of OBI (Ontology of Biomedical Investigations) and includes terms relating to experiments involving immune epitopes. This file contains the minimal amount of upper ontology terms and axioms from BFO (Basic Formal Ontology), IAO (Information Artifact Ontology) and OBI, in order to view and reason upon ONTIE. It is currently at version 0.1 beta. ONTIE covers terms regarding immune responses, adaptive immune receptors, immune epitope assays, MHC molecules, and infectious diseases. ONTIE is (at this development stage) a virtual ontology, drawing together terms from multiple reference ontologies. We are actively working on adding more terms to ONTIE either through term requests or through active contribution to external ontologies.



infection major histocompatibility complex

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