ImMunoGeneTics Information System

Other names: IMGT, IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system, imgt

IMGT is a high-quality integrated knowledge resource specialized in the immunoglobulins (IG) or antibodies, T cell receptors (TR), major histocompatibility complex (MHC) of human and other vertebrate species, and in the immunoglobulin superfamily (IgSF), major histocompatibility complex superfamily (MhcSF) and related proteins of the immune system (RPI) of vertebrates and invertebrates.


Name: Open Data Commons (ODC) Public Domain Dedication and Licence (PDDL) 1.0

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allele antibody antigen chromosomal region genome immune system immunoglobulin complex major histocompatibility complex nucleic acid sequence protein receptor small molecule immunoinformatics immunogenetics

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