ncRNAs database

Other names: Non-Coding RNA database, ncrna

The noncoding RNAs database is a colection of currently available sequence data on RNAs, which do not have protein-coding capacity and have been implicated in regulation of cellular processes. The RNAs included in the database form very heterogenous group of molecules that cat on different levels of information transmission in the cell. It includes RNAs acting on the level of chromatin structure, throug transcriptional and translational regulation of gene expression to modulation of protein function and regulation of subcellular distribution of RNAs and proteins. Some of these RNAs have been shown to be connected with developmental disorders in humans. In recent years RNAs with potential regulatory functions have been found in prokaryotic, animal and plant cells. Currently the database contains over 100 sequences of noncoding RNAs and can be accessed via WWW at .




rna sequence functional, regulatory and non-coding rna gene expression rna gene transcripts

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