Other names: Tandem splice site database (TassDB), tassdb

TassDB (TAndem Splice Site DataBase) stores extensive data about alternative splice events at GYNGYN donors and NAGNAG acceptors. These splice events are of subtle nature since they mostly result in the insertion/deletion of a single amino acid or the substitution of one amino acid by two others. Currently, TassDB contains 114,554 tandem splice sites of eight species, 5,209 of which have EST/mRNA evidence for alternative splicing. In addition, human SNPs that affect NAGNAG acceptors are annotated. The database provides a user-friendly interface to search for specific genes or for genes containing tandem splice sites with specific features as well as the possibility to download large datasets. The aim of this database is to facilitate experimental studies and large-scale bioinformatics analyses of tandem splice sites.




nucleic acid sequence coding and non-coding dna nucleic acid sites, features and motifs gene structure

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