TIARA - Total Integrated Archive of short-Read and Array

Other names: TIARA, tiara

The Total Integrated Archive of short-Read and Array (TIARA) accumulates raw-level personal genomic data from whole genome next-generation sequencing (NGS) and comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) arrays. Initially, it contains 36 individual genomic data sets that have been analyzed and reported by the Genomic Medicine Institute (GMI) at Seoul National University (1,2,3). TIARA improves the accuracy of detecting personal genomic variations, such as SNPs, short indels, and structural variants (SVs). TIARA supports a user-friendly genome browser, which retrieves read-depths (RDs) and log2 ratios from NGS and CGH arrays, respectively. In addition, TIARA provides information on all genomic variants and the raw data, including short reads and feature-level CGH data, through anonymous file transfer protocol (FTP).




human and other vertebrate genomes human genome, maps and viewers sequencing genomics dna polymorphism dna structural variation

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