Other names: spliceaid-f

A comprehensive knowledge of all the factors involved in splicing, both proteins and RNAs, and of their interaction network is crucial for reaching a better understanding of this process and its functions. A large part of relevant information is buried in the literature or collected in various different databases. By hand-curated screenings of literature and databases we retrieved experimentally assessed data on 71 human RNA-binding splicing regulatory proteins and organized them into a database called “SpliceAid-Fâ€\x9D. For each splicing factor (SF) the database reports its functional domains and its protein and chemical interactors. Furthermore, we collected experimentally validated RNA-SF interactions, including relevant information on the RNA binding sites such as the genes where these sites lie, their genomic coordinates, the splicing effects, experimental procedures, as well as the corresponding bibliographic references. We also collected information from experiments showing no RNA-SF binding, at least in the assayed conditions. In total, SpliceAid-F contains 4227 interactions, 2622 RNA binding sites and 1170 no-binding sites, including information on binding and no-binding specificity in different cellular contexts. Data collected in SpliceAid-F can provide significant information to explain an observed splicing pattern as well as the effect of mutations in functional regulatory elements.


Name: GPL-3.0



nucleic acid sequence gene structure, introns and exons, splice sites molecular biology

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