NPInter v4.0

Other names: NPInter_v4.0

An integrated database of ncRNA interactions. Noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs) play crucial regulatory roles in a variety of biological circuits. To document regulatory interactions between ncRNAs and biomolecules, we previously created the NPInter database (http: npinter). Since the last version of NPInter was issued, a rapidly growing number of studies have reported novel interactions and accumulated numerous high-throughput interactome data. We have therefore updated NPInter to its fourth edition in which are integrated 600 000 new experimentally identified ncRNA interactions. ncRNA-DNA interactions derived from ChIRP-seq data and circular RNA interactions have been included in the database. Additionally, disease associations were annotated to the interacting molecules. The database website has also been redesigned with a more user-friendly interface and several additional functional modules.




functional, regulatory and non-coding rna molecular interactions, pathways and networks molecular biology gene transcripts dna

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