DroID - Drosophila Interactions Database

Other names: DroID, droid

DroID, the Drosophila Interactions Database, assembles gene and protein interaction data from a variety of sources into one easily accessible, comprehensive database. The database includes published and unpublished low and high throughput data sets, genetic interactions, and computationally predicted interactions. The predicted interactions are generated based on interactions found in other organisms. The database can be searched using gene and protein information available from Flybase. DroID also includes gene expression data that can be used to filter interaction data. DroID can be accessed through a standard web page or by using IM Browser, a program for exploring multiple data sets and for graphically mapping the interactions. Use of the IM Browser requires no downloads and minimal user configuration or training, thereby enabling rapid initial access to interaction data. All of the data in DroID can be freely downloaded in a variety of formats compatible with analysis tools. The database and IM Browser are accessible from http://www.droidb.org.




metabolic and signaling pathways protein-protein interactions molecular interactions, pathways and networks protein interaction gene expression protein interaction experiment mapping

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