CORG - A database for COmparative Regulatory Genomics

Sequence conservation in non-coding, upstream regions of orthologous genes from man and mouse is likely to reflect common regulatory DNA sites. Motivated by this assumption we have delineated a catalogue of conserved non-coding sequence blocks and provide the CORG - 'COmparative Regulatory Genomics' - database. The data were computed based on statistically significant local suboptimal alignments of 15Kb regions upstream of the translation start sites of, currently, 10,793 pairs of orthologous genes. The resulting conserved non-coding blocks were annotated with EST matches for easier detection of non-coding mRNA and with hits to known transcription factor binding sites. CORG data are accessible from the ENSEMBL web site via a DAS service as well as a specially developed web service ( for query and interactive visualization of the conserved blocks and their annotation.



nucleic acid sequence coding and non-coding dna rna sequence human and other vertebrate genomes model organisms

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