A Multi-Dimensional Omics Database for Apple Co-Expression Networks and Chromatin States. AppleMDO is a multi-dimensional omics database. Users can submit locus IDs to quickly search for co-expression networks, functional modules, chromatin states and enriched epigenetic marks. For gene lists in search results, gene expression profiling analysis and functional enrichment analysis tools are provided to systematically extract biological themes from gene lists. Additionally, the basic structural and functional annotations of each gene can be obtained, such as gene families, KEGG annotations, GO terms, orthologues in thirteen species and Pfam domains. In addition, some functional support toolkits are also provided, such as GO analysis, blast, motif analysis, ID conversion, sequence extraction and the UCSC genome browser. We hope that AppleMDO will benefit apple research communities and serve as a reference for other fruit trees




epigenomics chip-seq rna sequence gene expression molecular interactions, pathways and networks

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