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IntAct molecular interaction database

IntAct provides a database system and analysis tools for molecular interaction data. All interactions are derived from literature curation or direct user submissions. IntAct (with MINT) is a Core Data Resource of ELIXIR. IntAct contains data from all ...


Genetic, genomic and molecular information pertaining to the model organism Drosophila melanogaster and related sequences. This database also contains information relating to human disease models in Drosophila, the use of transgenic constructs contai ...

Saccharomyces Genome Database

The Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD) provides comprehensive integrated biological information for the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae along with search and analysis tools to explore these data, enabling the discovery of functional relations ...


modMine is an integrated web resource of data and tools to browse and search modENCODE data and experimental details, download results and access the GBrowse genome browser.


WormBase is an international consortium of biologists and computer scientists dedicated to providing the research community with accurate, current, accessible information concerning the genetics, genomics and biology of C. elegans and related nematod ...

Integrated Microbial Genomes And Microbiomes

The Integrated Microbial Genomes (IMG/M) aims to support the annotation, analysis and distribution of microbial genome and microbiome datasets sequenced at DOE's Joint Genome Institute (JGI). It also serves as a community resource for analysis and an ...

Europe PubMed Central

Europe PubMed Central (Europe PMC) is an on-line database that offers free access to a large and growing collection of biomedical research literature.


PomBase is a model organism database that provides organization of and access to scientific data for the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe. PomBase supports genomic sequence and features, genome-wide datasets and manual literature curation as w ...

Virulence Factor Database

VFDB is an integrated and comprehensive database of virulence factors for bacterial pathogens (also including Chlamydia and Mycoplasma).

TTD, Therapeutic Target Database

The Therapeutic Target Database provides information about therapeutic protein and nucleic acid targets, the targeted disease, pathway information and the corresponding drugs directed at each of these targets. Also included in this database are links ...

Fungal and Oomycete genomics resource

FungiDB is an integrated genomic and functional genomic database for the kingdom Fungi. The database integrates whole genome sequence and annotation and also includes experimental and environmental isolate sequence data. The database includes compara ...

Human Histone Database

HIstome (Human histone database) is a freely available, specialist, electronic database dedicated to display information about human histone variants, sites of their post-translational modifications and about various histone modifying enzymes.


ProPortal is a database containing genomic, metagenomic, transcriptomic and field data for the marine cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus. They provide a source of cross-referenced data across multiple scales of biological organization—from the genome to ...


Nematode.net is the home page of the parasitic nematode EST project at The Genome Institute at Washington University in St. Louis. The site was established in 2000 as a component of the NIH-NIAID grant "A Genomic Approach to Parasites from the Phylum ...


A genetic database for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. ADHDgene aims to provide research community with a central genetic resource and analysis platform for ADHD, to help unveil the genetic basis of ADHD and to contribute to global mental h ...


MitoZoa is a specialized database collecting complete and nearly-complete (longer than 7 kb) mtDNA entries of metazoan species, excluding Placozoa. MitoZoa contains curated entries, whose gene annotation has been significantly improved using a semi-a ...

The SEQanswers wiki

Wiki on all aspects of next-generation genomics. The SEQanswers wiki is a Semantic MediWiki (SMW) site that is edited and updated by the members of the SEQanswers community. The wiki provides an extensive catalogue of manually categorized analysis to ...

Provenance, Authoring and Versioning Ontology

PAV is a lightweight ontology for tracking Provenance, Authoring and Versioning. PAV specializes the W3C provenance ontology PROV-O in order to describe authorship, curation and digital creation of online resources. This ontology describes the define ...

EcoliWiki: A Wiki-based community resource for Escherichia coli

EcoliWiki is a community-based resource for the annotation of all non-pathogenic E. coli, its phages, plasmids, and mobile genetic elements.


A database for systems biology of DNA dynamics during the cell life.


CiteAb is the largest citation-ranked antibody search engine and provides a simple way to find antibodies that work. We use the number of citations as a transparent method to rank antibodies. Powerful filters allow a user to further hone a search bas ...

FORCE11 Data Citation Principles

The FORCE11 Data Citation Principles cover the purpose, function, and attributes of citations. These principles recognize the dual necessity of creating citation practices that are both human understandable and machine-actionable The aim of this neut ...

UNC Dataverse

UNC Dataverse is a research data repository hosted by the Odum Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. UNC Dataverse is an open access repository that accepts data deposits from individual researchers, research groups, instituti ...

Crossref Metadata Deposit Schema

The Crossref Metadata Deposit Schema is a schema designed to enforce a standardized metadata format on research content stored within Crossref. This schema supports a range of different content types and categories, including descriptive (bibliograph ...

BibTex BIB Format

The BibTeX BIB format was created to store a list of all references required by the BibTex software package. The BibTex package allows the user to store their citation data in a generic form, while printing citations in a document in the form specifi ...

GeoSpecies Ontology

This ontology was designed to help integrate species concepts with species occurrences, gene sequences, images, references and geographical information.

Funder Registry

The Funder Registry is an open registry of persistent identifiers for grant-giving organizations around the world. FundRef is the result of collaboration between funding agencies and publishers that correlates grants and other funding with the schola ...

Citation File Format

The Citation File Format (CFF) is a human-centric, machine-readable format for software citation metadata. It is developed to provide an easy way for RSEs, and other developers of software in academia, to ensure that they can receive credit for their ...

Citation Style Language XML Schema

The Citation Style Language (CSL) is an XML-based format to describe the formatting of citations, notes and bibliographies, offering: an open format, compact styles, support for style requirements, automatic style localization, infrastructure for sty ...

Citation Style Language JSON Schema

The Citation Style Language JSON (CSL-JSON) schema renders citations and bibliography metadata for CSL processors. Where the related CSL XML schema provides structured style and locale files, CSL-JSON provides the structured bibliographic metadata. T ...


The Dimensions database is a scholarly database containing research articles, citations, books, chapters, and conference proceedings, as well as awarded grants, patents, clinical trials, policy documents, datasets and altmetric information. The free ...

Research Information Systems File Format

A Research Information Systems (RIS) file is a plain text file that can contain multiple references. RIS files can be exported from reference software such as EndNote and Reference Manager. Each reference is composed of a variable number of fields; a ...

Scholarly Link Exchange Metadata Schema

The Scholix metadata schema was created by journal publishers, data centres, and global service providers to collect and exchange links between research data and literature. The core of Scholix data is the Link Information Package, which contains inf ...

Electronic Theses Online Service UKETD_DC Schema

The Electronic Theses Online Service UKETD_DC Schema (EThOS UKETD_DC) is built on the application profiile of the same name that describes the core set of metadata for UK theses. It was developed to enable all theses to be described in a clear and co ...

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