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Genetic, genomic and molecular information pertaining to the model organism Drosophila melanogaster and related sequences. This database also contains information relating to human disease models in Drosophila, the use of transgenic constructs contai ...


WormBase is an international consortium of biologists and computer scientists dedicated to providing the research community with accurate, current, accessible information concerning the genetics, genomics and biology of C. elegans and related nematod ...

The Zebrafish Information Network

The Zebrafish Information Network, ZFIN, serves as the primary community database resource for the laboratory use of zebrafish. We develop and support integrated zebrafish genetic, genomic, developmental and physiological information and link this in ...

Xenopus laevis and tropicalis biology and genomics resource

Xenbase is the model organism database for Xenopus laevis and X. (Silurana) tropicalis which was created to improve knowledge of developmental and disease processes. Through curation and automated data provisioning from various sources, Xenbase aims ...


DIANA-TarBase is a reference database that indexes experimentally-supported microRNA (miRNA) targets. It integrates information on cell-type specific miRNA–gene regulation and includes miRNA-binding locations. The target data provided by DIANA-TarBas ...

Europe PubMed Central

Europe PubMed Central (Europe PMC) is an on-line database that offers free access to a large and growing collection of biomedical research literature.


Addgene is a non-profit plasmid repository dedicated to helping scientists around the world share high-quality plasmids. Addgene are working with thousands of laboratories to assemble a high-quality library of published plasmids for use in research a ...

GeneSigDB: a manually curated database and resource for analysis of gene expression signatures

Gene Signature DataBase (GeneSigDB) is a database of gene signatures (or gene sets) that have been extracted and manually curated from articles that are indexed by PubMed.

Globally Unique Identifier and Life Science Identifier Applicability Statement

GUIDs are Globally Unique Identifiers which should be referentially consistent and resolvable in order to support tests of uniqueness and the acquisition of associated metadata. Further, permanent and robust resolution services need to be available. ...


Scratchpads are an online virtual research environment for biodiversity for the sharing of data and the creation of specific research networks. Sites can focus on specific taxonomic groups, the biodiversity of a biogeographic region, or any aspect of ...

Ethnology vocabulary

The Ethnology vocabulary is a controlled vocabulary used for indexing the bibliographical records for the now-archived "Ethnology" FRANCIS database (1972 - 2015, http://pascal-francis.inist.fr/). This resource contains over 9000 classes, with each cl ...

Colección Especial COVID-19

This collection brings together the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) research results directly associated with the study of COVID-19 or the study of coronaviruses in general as a contribution to a better and more extensive knowledge of these ...

Crossref Metadata Deposit Schema

The Crossref Metadata Deposit Schema is a schema designed to enforce a standardized metadata format on research content stored within Crossref. This schema supports a range of different content types and categories, including descriptive (bibliograph ...

Funder Registry

The Funder Registry is an open registry of persistent identifiers for grant-giving organizations around the world. FundRef is the result of collaboration between funding agencies and publishers that correlates grants and other funding with the schola ...


The Dimensions database is a scholarly database containing research articles, citations, books, chapters, and conference proceedings, as well as awarded grants, patents, clinical trials, policy documents, datasets and altmetric information. The free ...

Scholars' Bank

Scholars' Bank is the open access repository for the intellectual work of faculty, students, and staff at the University of Oregon. It also houses materials from certain partner institution collections. Open access journals, student projects, theses ...

Citation Style Language XML Schema

The Citation Style Language (CSL) is an XML-based format to describe the formatting of citations, notes and bibliographies, offering: an open format, compact styles, support for style requirements, automatic style localization, infrastructure for sty ...

Citation Style Language JSON Schema

The Citation Style Language JSON (CSL-JSON) schema renders citations and bibliography metadata for CSL processors. Where the related CSL XML schema provides structured style and locale files, CSL-JSON provides the structured bibliographic metadata. T ...

Scholarly Link Exchange Metadata Schema

The Scholix metadata schema was created by journal publishers, data centres, and global service providers to collect and exchange links between research data and literature. The core of Scholix data is the Link Information Package, which contains inf ...

Basel Register of Thesauri, Ontologies and Classifications

The Basel Register of Thesauri, Ontologies & Classifications (BARTOC) is a database of Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) and KOS -related registries. Its main goal is to list as many KOS as possible in one place in order to achieve greater visibil ...

Electronic Theses Online Service UKETD_DC Schema

The Electronic Theses Online Service UKETD_DC Schema (EThOS UKETD_DC) is built on the application profiile of the same name that describes the core set of metadata for UK theses. It was developed to enable all theses to be described in a clear and co ...

UNBIS Thesaurus

The UNBIS Thesaurus is a multilingual database of the controlled vocabulary used to describe UN documents and other materials in the Dag Hammarskjöld Library's collection. The UNBIS Thesaurus grows as new topics are introduced to the agenda of the Or ...

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