Proteasix Ontology

Other names: PxO

The Proteasix Ontology (PxO) is an ontology that supports the Proteasix tool; an open-source peptide-centric tool that can be used to predict automatically and in a large-scale fashion in silico the proteases involved in the generation of proteolytic cleavage fragments (peptides). PxO aims to describe the known proteases and their target cleavage sites, to enable the description of proteolytic cleavage fragments as the outputs of observed and predicted proteolysis, and to use knowledge about the function, species and cellular location of a protease and protein substrate to support the prioritisation of proteases in observed and predicted proteolysis. Although the Proteasix project website remains active, download / browse links to the ontology are no longer available and the owners of the resource have not confirmed its current status. Therefore we have marked this resource with an Uncertain status. Please get in touch if you can provide FAIRsharing with up-to-date information regarding this resource.




protease cleavage protease site protein cleavage site prediction proteolytic digest

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