SCMD - Saccharomyces cerevisiae Morphological Database

To study the global regulation of cell morphology, a number of groups have recently reported genome-wide screening data for yeast mutants with abnormal morphology. Despite the relatively simple ellipsoidal shape of yeast cells, in the past, cell morphology researchers have processed information on cells manually. These time-consuming, entirely subjective tasks motivated us to develop image-processing software that automatically extracts yeast cells from micrographs and processes them to measure key morphological characteristics such as cell size, roundness, bud neck position angle, nuclear DNA localization and actin localization. As of August 2004, we have retrieved 1,754,888 cells from 90,696 micrographs of 4,726 mutants using our software, and we have published the results in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Morphological Database (SCMD), which facilitates the analysis of abnormal cells. Our system provides quantitative data for shapes of the daughter and mother cells, localization of the nuclear DNA and morphology of the actin patches. To search for mutants with similar morphological traits, the system outputs a list of mutants ranked by similarity of average morphological parameters. The SCMD is available at



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