Phenomics of yeast Mutants

Other names: PhenoM, phenom

PhenoM (Phenomics of yeast Mutants) stores, retrieves, visualises and data mines the quantitative single-cell measurements extracted from micrographs of temperature-sensitive mutant cells. PhenoM allows users to rapidly search and retrieve raw images and their quantified morphological data for genes of interest. The database also provides several data-mining tools, including a PhenoBlast module for phenotypic comparison between mutant strains and a Gene Ontology module for functional enrichment analysis of gene sets showing similar morphological alterations.


Name: Public Domain



gene gene ontology enrichment morphology mutation phenotype genomics fungal genome biomolecular research evolutionary genomics functional genomics molcecular medicine proteomics systems biology phenomics genotype and phenotype imaging genetic variation

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