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Connecting genotype to phenotype is of fundamental importance in biomedical research and in our understanding of disease. Phenomics - large-scale analysis of gene function by quantitative analysis of phenotypes on a genome-wide scale - connects automated phenotype data generation of mutants with the development of novel tools for phenotype data integration, mining and visualization. Following the introduction of a novel approach for precise, high-resolution, genome-wide quantification of gene dispensability in Saccharomyces cerevisiae PROPHECY is an initiative and a database aimed at enhancing the growing field of phenome bioinformatics. PROPHECY is designed to allow easy and flexible access to physiologically relevant quantitative data for the growth behaviour of mutant strains, mainly in the yeast deletion collection BY4742. Mutants are also analysed during conditions of environmental challenges with the aim to provide data on gene-by-environment interaction for all yeast genes to a large number of conditions, currently including basal medium with addition of NaCl, paraquat, diamide or DTT.




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