HUPO PSI Mass Spectrometry Controlled Vocabulary

Other names: PSI-MS CV

The PSI-MS Controlled Vocabulary is developed in common with the PSI-Proteomics Informatics group. It consists of a large collection of structured terms covering description and use of Mass Spectrometry instrumentation as well as Protein Identification and Quantitation software. The source of the terms are multiple: they include vocabulary and definitions in chapter 12 of the IUPAC nomenclature book, instrument and software vendors and developers and other user-submitted terms. Although its structure and use is linked to mzML, mzIdentML and mzQuantML, it is dynamically maintained in a OBO format. The PSI-Mass Spectrometry (MS) CV contains all the terms used in the PSI MS–related data standards. The CV contains a logical hierarchical structure to ensure ease of maintenance and the development of software that makes use of complex semantics. The CV contains terms required for a complete description of an MS analysis pipeline used in proteomics, including sample labeling, digestion enzymes, instrumentation parts and parameters, software used for identification and quantification of peptides/proteins and the parameters and scores used to determine their significance. Owing to the range of topics covered by the CV, collaborative development across several PSI working groups, including proteomics research groups, instrument manufacturers and software vendors, was necessary.


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