Protein Affinity Reagent eXtensible Markup Language

Other names: PSI-PAR XML

The work on PSI-PAR was initiated as part of the ProteomeBinders project and carried out by EMBL-EBI and the PSI-MI work group. The Proteomics Standards Initiative (PSI) aims to define community standards for data representation in proteomics to facilitate data comparison, exchange and verification. For detailed information on all PSI activities, please see PSI Home Page. The PSI-PAR format is a standardized means of representing protein affinity reagent data and is designed to facilitate the exchange of information between different databases and/or LIMS systems. PSI-PAR is not a proposed database structure. The PSI-PAR format consists of the PSI-MI XML2.5 schema (originally designed for molecular interactions) and the PSI-PAR controlled vocabulary. In addition, PSI-PAR documentation and examples are available on this web page. The scope of PSI-PAR is PAR and target protein production and characterization.




affinity protein reagent

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