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Giga Science Database

GigaDB primarily serves as a repository to host data and tools associated with articles in GigaScience; however, it also includes a subset of datasets that are not associated with GigaScience articles. GigaDB defines a dataset as a group of files (e. ...

Bacterial Diversity Metadatabase

BacDive—the Bacterial Diversity Metadatabase merges detailed strain-linked information on the different aspects of bacterial and archaeal biodiversity. BacDive contains entries for over 63,000 strains and provides information on their taxonomy, morph ...

Global Biodiversity Information Facility

GBIF, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, is an international open data infrastructure, funded by governments. It is not a data repository. Rather, GBIF indexes thousands of datasets shared freely by hundreds of institutions worldwide makin ...

Plant Genomics and Phenomics Research Data Repository

This repository provides several plant genomic and phenotypic datasets resulting from IPK and German Plant Phenotyping Network (DPPN) research activities. It was established in January 2015. The background of the study is in plant genetic resources, ...


MycoBank is a database created for the mycological community (as well as scientific community more generally) to document new mycological names, combinations and associated data (such as descriptions and illustrations ). Pairwise sequence alignments ...

American Type Culture Collection database

ATCC authenticates microorganisms and cell lines and manages logistics of long-term preservation and distribution of cultures for the scientific community. ATCC supports the cultures it acquires and authenticates with expert technical support, intell ...

BCCM/MUCL Agro-food & Environmental Fungal Collection

BCCM/MUCL is a generalist fungal culture collection of over 30 000 filamentous fungi, yeasts and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi including type, reference and test strains. The collections activities include the distribution of its holdings, the accessi ...

World Register of Marine Species

The aim of a World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) is to provide an authoritative and comprehensive list of names of marine organisms, including information on synonymy. While highest priority goes to valid names, other names in use are included s ...

Genomic Observatories Meta-Database

The Genomic Observatories Meta-Database (GEOME) is a web-based database that captures the who, what, where, and when of biological samples and associated genetic sequences. GEOME helps users with the following goals: ensure the metadata from your bio ...

BCCM/ULC Cyanobacteria Collection

BCCM/ULC is a small and dedicated public collection, currently containing one of the largest collections of documented (sub)polar cyanobacteria worldwide. The BCCM/ULC collection is hosted by the Centre for Protein Engineering (the Unit) of the Unive ...

National Biodiversity Network Atlas

The NBN Atlas is an online tool that provides a platform to engage, educate and inform people about the natural world. It will help improve biodiversity knowledge, open up research possibilities and change the way environmental management is carried ...

Integrated Taxonomic Information System

The Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) provides taxonomic information on plants, animals, fungi, and microbes of North America and the world. The goal is to create an easily accessible database with reliable information on species names a ...

CSIRO Data Access Portal

The CSIRO Data Access Portal provides access to research data, software and other digital assets published by CSIRO across a range of disciplines. The portal is maintained by CSIRO Information Management & Technology to facilitate sharing and reuse.

Natural History Museum Data Portal

The British natural history collection is one of the most important in the world, documenting 4.5 billion years of life, the Earth and the solar system. Almost all animal, plant, mineral and fossil groups are represented. The portal's main dataset co ...

Animal Genome Size Database

A comprehensive catalogue of animal genome size data where haploid DNA contents (C-values, in picograms) are currently available for 4972 species (3231 vertebrates and 1741 non-vertebrates) based on 6518 records from 669 published sources.


FlorItaly is a data portal for the flora of Italy. This portal organises nomenclatural and distributional data from the recent checklists of the Italian native and alien vascular plants (and their subsequent updatings), with links to resources from o ...

LifeWatchGreece MicroCT vLab

A web based virtual gallery of biological specimens using X-ray microtomography. Micro-computed tomography or microCT is a method of non-destructive 3D x-ray microscopy, which allows the users to create 3D models of objects from a series of x-ray pro ...

CEBA geoportail

A portal for geographic reference data for the Amazon.

Virtual Herbarium ALTB

The Virtual Herbarium ALTB (Russian interface ) is the largest digital collection of plants from the transboundary territory of the Altai Mountain Country


A repository for scientific information on mesophotic ecosystems. Repository for information on mesophotic coral ecosystems. Mesophotic.org: an information repository on mesophotic coral ecosystems. Mesophotic.org is a curated repository for infor ...

Biodiversity Exploratories Information System

BExIS is the online data repository and information system of the Biodiversity Exploratories Project (BE). The BE is a German network of biodiversity related working groups from areas such as vegetation and soil science, zoology and forestry. Up to t ...

Encyclopedia of Life

The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) is a collaborative encyclopedia to describe all known living species. It identifies sources of biodiversity knowledge that are legally and practically shareable; integrates them with other sources and adds metadata; pro ...

PEDE - Pig Expression Data Explorer

Full-length pig cDNA libraries and ESTs

BCCM/DCG Diatoms Collection

The BCCM/DCG public collection is the only culture collection worldwide specialized in diatoms, the most species-rich and ecologically important algal group. Other microalgae interesting from an applied perspective are included in the collection as w ...

BCCM/LMG Bacteria Collection

BCCM/LMG is a bacterial culture collection currently comprising over 25.000 well-characterized strains. The biological origin of our collection is very broad, including bacterial isolates from food, clinical, veterinary, agricultural, aquatic and oth ...

BCCM/IHEM Fungi Collection: Human & Animal Health

BCCM/IHEM is a fungal culture collection specialized in medical and veterinary isolates. About 15.000 strains are available from all over the world: yeasts and filamentous fungi, pathogens, allergenic species, strains producing mycotoxins, reference ...

Brain Biodiversity Bank

The Brain Biodiversity Bank refers to the repository of images of and information about brain specimens contained in the collections associated with the National Museum of Health and Medicine at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, ...


BioVeL is a virtual e-laboratory that supports research on biodiversity issues using large amounts of data from cross-disciplinary sources. BioVeL supports the development and use of workflows to process data. It offers the possibility to either use ...


Biologer is an open platform for collecting biodiversity data.

BacDive WS

Retrieving contents of BacDive and related information resources in a machine-readable form. BacDive is the Bacterial Diversity Metadatabase and provides strain-linked information about bacterial and archaeal biodiversity. The web-service offers seve ...


Morphbank :: Biological Imaging is a continuously growing database of images that scientists use for international collaboration, research and education. Images deposited in Morphbank :: Biological Imaging document a wide variety of research includin ...


A public library of bat calls


A dynamic, open and global database on crop pollination


A global database for bats in karsts and caves.

West African Vegetation

This is a database for vegetation data from West Africa, i.e. phytosociological and dendrometric relevés as well as floristic inventories. The West African Vegetation Database has been developed in the framework of the projects “SUN - Sustainable Use ...


User interface to data from high-throughput sequencing studies of fungal communities across terrestrial biomes. Includes sequencing data, sample locations, sample metadata.

Open Tree of Life

The tree of life links all biodiversity through a shared evolutionary history. This project will produce the first online, comprehensive first-draft tree of all 1.8 million named species, accessible to both the public and scientific communities. Asse ...


Methods for broad-scale plant phenology assessments using citizen scientists’ photographs | iNaturalist.org is a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society | Explore and share your observations from the ...

Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring Network

TEAM is devoted to monitoring long-term trends in biodiversity, land cover change, climate and ecosystem services in tropical forests. Tropical forests received first billing because of their overwhelming significance to the global biosphere (e.g., t ...


Dryad is an international repository of data underlying peer-reviewed scientific and medical literature, particularly data for which no specialized repository exists. The content is considered to be integral to the published research. All material in ...

Cefas Data Hub

The Centre for the Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas), as one of the world's longest-established marine research organisations, has provided advice on the sustainable exploitation of marine resources since 1902. Today Cefas works ...


The PLANKTON*NET data provider at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research is an open access repository for plankton-related information. It covers all types of phytoplankton and zooplankton from marine and freshwater areas. PLANKT ...

Prokaryotic Nomenclature up-to-date (PNU)

Compilation of all names of Bacteria and Archaea which have been validly published according to the Bacteriological Code since 1. Jan. 1980, and nomenclatural changes which have been validly published since.


CRITTERBASE, a publicly accessible data warehouse and interactive portal that currently hosts quality-controlled and taxonomically standardized presence/absence, abundance, and biomass data for 18,644 samples and 3,664 benthic taxa (2,824 of which at ...

German Federation for Biological Data

The project brings together national key players providing environmentally related biological data and services to develop the ‘German Federation for Biological Data' (GFBio). The overall goal is to provide a sustainable, service oriented, national d ...


ForestPlots.net is a web-accessible secure repository for forest plot inventories in South America, Africa and Asia. The database includes plot geographical information; location, taxonomic information and diameter measurements of trees inside each p ...

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species provides taxonomic, conservation status and distribution data on plants and animals that are critically endangered, endangered and vulnerable. Data are available in Esri File Geodatabase format, Esri Shapefile ...

CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry Dataverse

The CGIAR Research Program No. 6 (CRP6): Forests, Trees and Agroforestry: Livelihoods, Landscapes and Governance aims to enhance the management and use of forests, agroforestry and tree genetic resources across the landscape, from farms to forests.


METdb is a genomic reference database dedicated to micro-eukaryotic marine species transcriptomes. Most datasets were from Marine Microbial Eukaryote Transcriptome Sequencing Project and others from Roscoff marine station and Tara research projects. ...

Chesapeake Bay Data Hub

This interface provides access to several types of data related to the Chesapeake Bay. Bay Program databases can be queried based upon user-defined inputs such as geographic region and date range. Each query results in a downloadable, tab- or comma-d ...


VegBank is the vegetation plot database of the Ecological Society of America's Panel on Vegetation Classification. VegBank consists of three linked databases that contain the actual plot records, vegetation types recognized in the U.S. National Veg ...

IPK Gatersleben

The Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research IPK Gatersleben, is a nonprofit research institution for crop genetics and molecular biology, and is part of the Leibniz Association. The mission of the IPK Gatersleben is to conduct basic and a ...

KNB Data Repository

The KNB Data Repository is an international repository intended to facilitate ecological, environmental and earth science research in the broadest senses. For scientists, the KNB Data Repository is an efficient way to share, discover, access and int ...

GRIN-CA Taxonomy

GRIN-CA taxonomic data provide the structure and nomenclature for the accessions of the Canadian National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS). Many plants are included in GRIN-CA taxonomy, especially economic plants.

Conservation Genome Resource Bank for Korean Wildlife

Genome resource samples of wild animals, particularly those of endangered mammalian and avian species, are very difficult to collect. In Korea, many of these animals such as tigers, leopards, bears, wolves, foxes, gorals, and river otters, are either ...


The DSMZ is the most comprehensive biological resource center worldwide. Being one of the world's largest collections, the DSMZ currently comprises more than 73,700 items, including about 31,900 different bacterial and 6,600 fungal strains, 840 human ...

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