TDR Targets

Other names: TDRtargets, tdr_targets

TDR Targets integrates chemical and genomic information and allows users to prioritize targets and compounds to develop and repurpose new drugs and chemical tools for human pathogens. The TDR Target Project was started in 2005 after a call for applications was launched by TDR (Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases). As a result, the TDR Targets Database was established to help develop a portfolio of candidate drug targets for 5 major human pathogens. This then became a resource for prioritizing targets for neglected tropical diseases. TDR Targets is led and run by the Trypanosomatics group at IIB-UNSAM (Argentina, with help with external collaborators worldwide.


Name: TDR Targets Data Access Policy



acceptor antigen bioactivity chemical descriptor chemical entity computational predictions dna sequences disease donor drug enzyme commission number gene gene ontology enrichment gene expression gene name genome annotation glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchor molecular structure molecular weight proton sequence length signal peptide structure logp genomics general genomics small molecule model organisms pathology medicinal chemistry drug discovery

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