MorphoSource is a digital repository where researchers, museum curators, and the general public can find, download, and upload 3D media representing physical objects, most commonly biological specimens. If you are a researcher, you can use MorphoSource to locate and download 3D media for analysis, and archive and share 3D media you have generated or are currently working on with collaborators, the community, and/or the public. If you are a museum curator, you can use MorphoSource to make digital media representing your collections available to scientific and lay communities. If you are a member of the general public, MorphoSource allows you to virtually explore the "raw data" of evolutionary biology and other sciences through digitally interacting with the biological specimens and other physical objects that underpin cutting-edge scientific thought.


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biological imaging imaging 3d data computed tomography (ct) magnetic resonance imaging (mri) synchotron imaging amphibia anthropology archaeology arts botany cultural heritage geology laser scan mammalia paleontology photogrammetry structured light

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