Small Molecule Pathway Database

Other names: SMPDB, formerly: PathBank, smpdb

The Small Molecule Pathway Database (SMPDB) contains small molecule pathways found in humans, which are presented visually. All SMPDB pathways include information on the relevant organs, subcellular compartments, protein cofactors, protein locations, metabolite locations, chemical structures and protein quaternary structures. Accompanying data includes detailed descriptions and references, providing an overview of the pathway, condition or processes depicted in each diagram.


Name: ODC



chemical entity chemical structure metabolite pathway model protein structure small molecule metabolic and signaling pathways metabolic and signaling pathways chemoinformatics drug-action pathway metabolic disease pathway metabolic pathway metabolite signaling pathway metabolomics molecular biology proteomics systems biology transcriptomics small molecule molecular interactions, pathways and networks endocrinology and metabolism pathology

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