dreamBase (DNA Modification, RNA Regulation and Protein Binding on Expressed Pseudogenes in Human Health and Disease) is an integrated platform for analysing regualtory features of pseudogenes from multi-dimensional high-throughput sequencing data.Based on ~5500 ChIP-seq and DNase-seq data, dreamBase provides genome-wide distribution patterns of Transcription Factors, Pol II, Histone Modifications and Dnase Hypersensitivity sites around the transcription start sites of pseudognenes.By integrating ~18,000 RNA-Seq expression data, we provide the Expression Profiles of pseudogenes across 32 Cancers and 31 Normal Tissues. We also analyse the Co-Expression patterns between pseudogenes and their parent genes.Through combining predicted binding sites of microRNAs with AGO CLIP-seq data, we study the relevance of microRNAs against RNA molecules of pseudogenes at post-transcriptional level. Besides, we combine these interaction and expression data of pseudogenes, and therefore construct ceRNA networks consisted of pseudogenes and other RNAs.



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