Minimum Information Required for a Drug Metabolism Enzymes and Transporters Experiment

Other names: MIDE

Pharmacogenomics studies are expanding exponentially, both in terms of number and amount of data generated. To facilitate future research and diagnostic applications, Affymetrix has developed a microarray targeting known genetic variations in absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, toxicity (ADMET) genes. The array, known as Drug Metabolising Enzymes and Transporters (DMET Plus), comprises 1,936 variants across 231genes, including 5 copy number loci involved in drug metabolism and transport. Being designed to identify genetic variants in patients presenting different drug responses and risks for adverse drug reactions, DMET constitutes a valuable tool for pharmacogenomics and clinical studies. For effective DMET data interpretation, sharing, reporting and use across the scientific community, we propose the Minimum Information required for a DMET Experiment reporting (MIDE). MIDE aims to provide reporting guidelines and describe the information required for reporting to public databases. In this article we describe MIDE and discuss its broader applications to other platforms.




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