Infectious Diseases Data Observatory

Other names: IDDO

The Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO) assembles clinical, laboratory and epidemiological data on a collaborative platform to be shared with the research and humanitarian communities. The data are analysed to generate reliable evidence and innovative resources that enable research-driven responses to the major challenges of emerging and neglected infections. Data is organized into research themes, with both submitters storing and requesters asking for data via the central IDDO platform. Certain data (listed in data inventories or available via various portals) is available publicly, while the rest must be applied and permission received for.


Name: IDDO Privacy Notice


antimicrobial disease infection malaria covid-19 chagas disease ebola virus disease clinical trials data discovery methods health care individual participant-level data (ipd) medical treatments medicine quality schistosomiasis soil-transmitted helminths visceral leishmaniasis

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