Other names: hepamine

A Liver Disease Microarray Database, Visualization Platform and Data-Mining Resource. Providing Bioinformatics Data For The Study Of Liver Diseases. a liver disease microarray database, visualization platform and data-mining resource. Hepamine was designed as a web-based repository of pre-analyzed microarray data for various liver diseases. Among these are HCC, CCC, liver cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis B and C, or biliary atresia. In contrast to public microarray repositories our website offers open and easy access to the respective, pre-analyzed gene expression profiles and support to compare samples, experiments and various liver diseases. Genes may be searched on the basis of specific expression patterns across diverse samples. All may be obtained as a simple three color table indicating up-, down-, or no differential expression in multiple experiments. Alternatively, users may choose to obtain a detailed, comparative expression data table.




microarray experiment gene expression pathology protein expression molecular interactions, pathways and networks

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