Genome Project Database

The NCBI Entrez Genome Project database is intended to be a searchable collection of complete and incomplete (in-progress) large-scale sequencing, assembly, annotation, and mapping projects for cellular organisms. The database is organized into organism-specific overviews that function as portals from which all projects in the database pertaining to that organism can be browsed and retrieved. Entrez Genome Project is a companion database to Entrez Genome. Sequence data is stored in Entrez Genome (as complete chromosomes, plasmids, organelles, and viruses) and Entrez Nucleotide (as chromosome or genomic fragments such as contigs). However, Entrez Genome does not collect all data for a given organism. The Genome Project database, on the other hand, provides an umbrella view of the status of each genome project, links to project data in the other Entrez databases, and links to a variety of other NCBI and external resources associated with a given genome project. Currently this database only consists of projects that have submitted data to NCBI, intend to submit data, or have received public funding. Sequencing centers or individual researches working on a genome project are encouraged to submit and register their projects by filling out the submission form at



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