Disordered Binding Sites Database

Other names: DIBS

Disordered Binding Sites (DIBS) is a repository of protein complexes that are formed by ordered and disordered proteins. Intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) do not have a stable 3D structure in isolation and therefore they defy structure determination by X-ray or NMR. However, many IDPs bind to ordered proteins and as a result of the interaction adopt a stable structure. In accord, complex structures involving binding sites in IDPs are available. DIBS offers a collection of these complexes where exactly one protein chain is disordered and all other proteins are ordered (i.e. are stable in their isolated form that is approved by available monomeric structures).


Name: DIBS Free for academic and non-profit use
URL: http://dibs.enzim.ttk.mta.hu/help.php


intrinsically disordered proteins protein interaction protein structure

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