Database of fuzzy protein complexes

Other names: FuzDB, fuzdb

FuzDB compiles experimentally observed fuzzy protein complexes, where intrinsic disorder (ID) is maintained upon interacting with a partner (protein, nucleic acid or small molecule) and directly impacts biological function. Entries in the database have both (i) structural evidence demonstrating the structural multiplicity or dynamic disorder of the ID region(s) in the partner bound form of the protein and (ii) in vitro or in vivo biological evidence that indicates the significance of the fuzzy region(s) in the formation, function or regulation of the assembly. Unlike the other intrinsically disordered or unfolded protein databases, FuzDB focuses on ID regions within a biological context, including higher-order assemblies and presents a detailed analysis of the structural and functional data.


Name: CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0



intrinsically disordered proteins protein structure structure cell biology small molecule protein modifications transcription factors and regulatory sites rna

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