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Transcription Factor Database of eukaryotic cis-acting regulatory DNA elements and trans-acting factors; free for non-commercial use.

Restriction enzymes and methylases database

A collection of information about restriction enzymes and related proteins. It contains published and unpublished references, recognition and cleavage sites, isoschizomers, commercial availability, methylation sensitivity, crystal, genome, and sequen ...

HOmo sapiens transcription factor COmprehensive MOdel COllection

HOmo sapiens COmprehensive MOdel COllection (HOCOMOCO) v10 provides transcription factor (TF) binding models for 601 human and 396 mouse TFs. In addition to basic mononucleotide position weight matrices (PWMs), HOCOMOCO provides a set of dinucleotide ...

Bimas HLA Peptide Binding Predictions

Function: Rank potential 8-mer, 9-mer, or 10-mer peptides based on a predicted half-time of dissociation to HLA class I molecules. The analysis is based on coefficient tables deduced from the published literature.

Pocketome: an encyclopedia of small-molecule binding sites in 4D

The Pocketome is an encyclopedia of conformational ensembles of druggable binding sites that can be identified experimentally from co-crystal structures in the Protein Data Bank. Each Pocketome entry describes a site on a protein surface that is invo ...


Predicted regulons in prokaryotic genomes


Drosophila transcription factor binding specificities determined using the bacterial one-hybrid system

Pocket Similarity Search using Multiple-Sketches

POcket Similarity Search Using Multiple-Sketches (PoSSuM) includes all the discovered protein-small molecule binding site pairs with annotations of various types (e.g., UniProt, CATH, SCOP, SCOPe, EC number and Gene ontology). PoSSuM enables rapid ex ...

Database of Aligned Ribosomal Complexes

The Database for Aligned Ribosomal Complexes (DARC) site provides a resource for directly comparing the structures of available ribosomal complexes.

Drosophila DNase I footprint database

Database of transcription factor binding sites created from systematic literature curation and genome annotation of DNase I footprints for Drosophila.


YPA (Yeast Promoter Atlas) is a repository of promoter features in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It intergrates various resources (including promoter sequences, TSSs, TATA boxes, TFBSs, nucleosome occupancy, DNA bendability, TF-TF interaction, and gene e ...


A system of databases documenting the influence of mutations in regulatory gene regions.


The Hormone Receptor Target Binding Loci, HRTBLDb database contains hormone receptor binding regions (binding loci) from in vivo ChIP-based high-throughput experiments as well as in silico, computationally predicted, binding motifs and cis-regulatory ...


The database of Allelic Dosage-corrected Allele-Specific human Transcription factor binding sites provides a genomic map of allele-specific binding at hundreds thousands single-nucleotide polymorphisms constructed by meta-analysis of thousands of ChI ...

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